Saint’s Fall by Winter Sloane

Saint’s Fall by Winter Sloane
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Saint is many things. President of the Fallen Saints MC. Killer. Sinner. Father. Brother. Love’s not in the cards for men like him until she comes crashing back to his life. Olivia’s the one who got away—his sassy, curvy brunette. His queen. A decade ago, she’d been too young for him. Too tempting to ruin, too innocent to claim as his own. The woman she’s become is intoxicating and he can’t seem to stay away. Sooner or later, she’ll become his.

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Saint is the President of his MC so he’s not bothered by being nice or making friends. He’s used to doing what he wants with whomever he choses. After Saint had broken her heart and refused her love, Olivia had been glad to leave her stifling home and the tattered remains of her desire for Saint. But now she’s returned home all these years later hoping the cruel and hard Saint might be able to help her now she had no one else to turn to.

I found this to be a hot and sexy read. I was pleased the author took a bit of time re-introducing Saint and Olivia to each other again so I as the reader could grow more comfortable with how they worked together as a couple. While in the two previous books Saint had seemed very much a villainous character, cruel and aloof – only really caring about his MC family and the brewing war between a rival club the Saint in this story was a lot more complicated. Being able to see things from his perspective and hear his take on everything helped open him up as a character much better and more clearly to me. While I admit I felt a bit confused by this – in some ways he feels quite different to the previous viewings I had seen of his character – I enjoyed him far more here than I had before.

Olivia was also a complicated character and I enjoyed her attempts to build her confidence and her determination not to allow Saint to shatter her heart again. I felt the sub-plot of her abusive ex boyfriend was a little cliched but it was a decent reason for her to return to the small town and reconnect with Saint and ask for protection. I really enjoyed how the sub-plot of the brewing war between a rival MC moved along. Readers who haven’t read the previous two stories might not find this aspect of the story as interesting or cohesive as this appears to be an over-riding arc through the series and while I personally feel the plot and progress is quite clear and stands well alone others mightn’t feel the same.

Even with these two sub-plots I really enjoyed how Saint and Olivia’s romance and coming together really was front and center and the main aspect to the story. With steamy sex, a lot of long-brewing emotions and a bit of history weighted down between them there was plenty here to sink your teeth into and I feel the author did a good job weaving everything together into a great, sexy and interesting read. I look forward to future installments about other members of the club.

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