Safe Island by Trisha M Wilson

Safe Island by Trisha M Wilson
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (153 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

The Free Islands have been the bane of the Koenig’s existence since the signing of the City Charter. They escaped Koenig’s power with a sneaky amendment and ever since the mayors have been obsessed with getting them back.

Nera Koenig, the newest mayor of the City, is no different. She wants the islands, and she doesn’t care who she has to kill to get them.

But not everything is within Nera’s control. The unexpected happens on the Free Islands. Lives change, preconceived notations are blown away, and plans are ripped up. Will Nera get these independent islands? Or does fate have something else in store for them?

The Koenig Family have ruled the City for centuries and by their side stood Tiger’s family, ready to serve and assist.

Unfortunately the new mayor, Nera Koenig, is slightly unhinged. Tiger, her assistant, desperately tries to steer the mayor away from her disastrous intention to return the Rogue Islands to the fold. Many have tried over the centuries, but no one has succeeded in overturning the charter which protects the Rogue Islands from the City.

The people of the islands call their land the Free Islands. They appear to be long lived and do not take kindly to outsiders trying to infiltrate their community. Tourists are okay. Settlers are not allowed.

This is a three sided story. The mayor and her assistant, one trying to get the islands, the other trying to stop her boss doing something stupid. Then there’s the military chief who keeps a wary eye on the islands and her suspicions which become more fanciful as the story progresses. Then there’s Sheriff Albus Van and Lacey. Once they were in love but Lacey had left the Free Islands to see the world and Albus had stayed behind. Forty years later Lacey had returned but what would she find on the islands?

This was an intriguing book. There is obviously an underlying story to the islands, but the people protect their land and population by not allowing the City officials to interfere. I’m still a little confused by what the secret is, but guess future books will reveal this in more depth.

For now the story of the three protagonist parties was enough to keep me hooked. I’d like to read more of this series to find out what happens next. Plus I’d like to know more about the deer. Blue or green or yellow! Funny colors for deer, which indicates something sinister is happening. Good one Ms. Wilson, more please.

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