S-Ex by Wynter Daniels

S-Ex by Wynter Daniels
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (52 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

Jenna’s family’s Miami hotel has made the list of possible settings for Spring Break, a new reality show, and the director will be Zane Silver, the man who broke her heart in college. Zane is under contract to expose every aspect of the spring break experience, even if that means hurting the Oceanic. He’s falling for the sexy woman he regrets leaving once before. Will he lose her for good now?

Zane Silver had one real regret, and that was hurting the one person he loved, his college girlfriend Jenna.

Now years later after achieving fame as an actor he’s back in Miami and is trying to find a way to get in touch with her. So imagine his surprise when by a stroke of luck he see her in the same restaurant he’s in.  Now he was determined not to let her get away, he was going to right his wrong.

Jenna could not believe that Zane was there, he still looked as gorgeous as she remembered, and those old feelings were stirring again. However, he did hurt her in college but that was then; now she would make sure things were different. No feelings were going to get involved; she wouldn’t get hurt this time because this time it would be all about gratification and nothing else.

I have read some other stories by Wynter Daniels and have enjoyed them, S-Ex is a pleasant read but something was missing. Jenna and Zane are likeable characters and the supporting characters of Kelly, Michael, Jenna’s aunt and uncle helped give the story body. For me however, the characters didn’t have that spark, that chemistry that most readers look for in their lovers. I liked that the premise of the story was one that was relatable, meaning it was similar to the television series Jersey Shore. In this story Jenna’s family hotel the Oceanic was going to be part of a reality series where the antics of kids on Spring Break would be filmed and broadcast.

S-Ex was an okay read, not one that I would probably read again but it was pleasant and like I said there were likeable characters and a good storyline.

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