Ruin Her by Sam Crescent

Ruin Her by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Fern

After losing a couple of jobs, Ellie Taylor intends to drown her sorrows. She needs a night of forgetting. At first, there’s no chance of that happening until … tall, dark, and handsome shows up, the kind of guy who makes her melt.

Antonio Rosso gives her an offer she can’t refuse. Her curves draw his attention, and he can’t say no to such a beauty. No woman has ever said no to him, and Ellie doesn’t either. She doesn’t know who he is, what he does, or who he works for.

One night isn’t enough. Two nights won’t cut it either. Not with how addictive he becomes to her complete lack of knowledge about the kind of danger he is. She doesn’t need to know he’s an enforcer for the mafia. But when his others find out Ellie is his woman, there’s no backing out.
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He has to keep Ellie for life or kill her. Will Ellie give him the chance to prove to her he loves her?

Ellie had lost three jobs in a week and feeling sad let herself be talked into going to a bar with some of her friends. Not interested in dancing or hooking up for a quick fling, she’s surprised when a hot, handsome stranger approaches her at the bar. Antonio had known the moment Ellie walked in that she’d be his. Innocent and sweet unlike almost every other person he knew, Ellie drew him and Antonio was not a man who let anything get in his way.

This is a fast paced and very steamy, explicit story. Disconnect your brain, grab a large glass of wine and sit back to enjoy it. Readers looking for a logical, rational or realistic story absolutely won’t find that here. That said, Antonio is the epitome of dark and dangerous, a killer bad guy and Ellie is a seriously relatable regular woman who normally toes the line and does the smart, sensible thing until one night she suddenly decides not to. Antonio and Ellie’s characters are interesting and easy to get hooked on.

In some ways this is quite a dark story. Readers who enjoy the style of Mafia and Mob stories – where domination and darker emotional elements are vivid and quite strong through the entire story – should find this suitable and really well written. This won’t be a good fit for all readers. Even though Ellie has no desire to enter a serious relationship with Antonio he makes it virtually impossible for her to deny him and he somewhat forces her compliance into a new apartment and into being his girlfriend. While she comes around eventually – and from the beginning is sexually attracted to him – I’m not sure the non-physical pressure and almost bullying tactics Antonio employs on Ellie will be every readers cup of tea.

The sex between them is hotly explicit and quite prolific through the story. I was really pleased that both Ellie and Antonio both began to build an emotional and romantic relationship together even though that’s not what either originally intended. While this isn’t your traditional romance story I was pleased that there were a few romantic threads woven into the story that helped keep it from being a harsher or far darker story than I usually enjoy.

Dark and complicated, this won’t be every readers cup of tea but I feel it will absolutely appeal to readers who like more of an edge to their romance or enjoy the Dark Mafia style of erotica really popular right now.

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