Rory and the Alien Groom by Jessica Coulter Smith

Rory and the Alien Groom by Jessica Coulter Smith
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (120 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Humiliation burns through Zwyk as he comes to the realization his bride has left him standing alone at the altar. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. He should have known someone as vivacious as his bride-to-be would never settle for a paper pushing, XBox playing geek like him. While his heart isn’t exactly broken, his pride is wounded, and his confidence has taken a hit.

Rory hates that she had to tell Zwyk her sister has run away instead of marrying him. Well, she hates the pain her sister caused. She can’t exactly say she’s sorry the wedding is off. Maybe now she can make Zwyk see what’s been right under his nose this entire time — her.

This was another great book in the Intergalactic Brides Series from Jessica Coulter Smith. Rory and the Alien Groom was a short, sweet and very sexy fantasy romance that had me captivated from page one until the end.

Zwyk was unlucky in love until his fiance left him standing at the alter on his wedding day. He finally met the love of his life and the perfect mate in Rory. She was the little sister of the runaway bride so naturally this caused him to hesitate about jumping right back into another romantic entanglement. Luckily for him Rory didn’t have the same qualms. She was already halfway in love with the sexy purple alien. She just had to convince Zwyk to give their relationship a chance. Their romance hit a few snags here and there but Rory was persistent until Zwyk finally realized how short life can be and decided to take another chance with Rory.

I sure did love this story. As usual, it was wonderfully written with engaging characters and an entertaining plot. I enjoyed the hot sex scenes but most of all I truly liked Rory and Zwyk. I love strong heroines who know what they want and go after it. In this case it was Rory who made the first move even though she was rather innocent. I loved her tenacity.

I must admit that I’ve never been all that interested in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, but I’ve read every book in this series. Jessica Coulter Smith has become one of my favorite authors. I look forward to reading many more books in the Intergalactic Brides Series. So for what it’s worth I happily recommend this book, and the series, to everyone.

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