Rogue of the Isles by Cynthia Breeding

Rogue of the Isles by Cynthia Breeding
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (364 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

He’s sworn to protect her from any danger…even himself.

Rogue, Book 2

What a pity Jamie MacLeod had to be such a good-looking man. And so tall. With such broad shoulders. Because he’s quite possibly the most annoying male Marissa Barclay has ever met.

No matter what her sister’s new husband seems to think, Mari has no need for his brother, a hulking, kilted Highlander, hovering over her through London’s Little Season.

Family or nae, Jamie has enough on his plate overseeing his family’s English estates without the added annoyance of keeping an eye on Mari. Especially since she seems as determined to slip by him as he is determined to do his protective duty. In truth, it’s quite a job keeping the willful little minx out of trouble.

But when an old enemy strikes at the heart of the MacLeod family, Jamie whisks Mari away from London’s glitter to the wilds of his homeland. Where a stormy love blooms…and danger lurks in the hills.

I was delighted with this book. I was charmed by Jamie and Mari and easily drawn into their love story.

This is the second book in the Rogue series, continuing where Rogue of the Highlands left off. Ian has left his younger brother, Jamie , in charge of the English estates and asked the devilishly handsome rogue to look after Jillian’s younger sister, Mari. When Mari recklessly insists on enjoying some of the social events in London, Jamie accompanies the impetuous girl to keep her safe. Not cause he’s attracted you see, he just takes his responsibilities seriously. I enjoyed a few chuckles as the headstrong Mari found that out the hard way.

I had a serious thing for the braw Jamie. *Blushes* He stole my heart with his protectiveness and his delightful misinterpretations. I liked Mari, despite her acting like a spoiled brat at times. Ms. Breeding did an excellent job of fleshing out the characters and showing me why Mari felt the way she did. I knew she all her protestations and quips were hiding her feelings so I trusted the charming rogue to win her heart. How could she not when that man was so hot. She tore him up at one point though and I almost lost my faith in her.

The book kept me hooked with some exciting suspense. An old villain was at large. He and his spawn are up to no good and nefarious plans are afoot. The danger escalates when Jamie stands in the way. Events happen that move the story back to the Highlands, bringing even more intensity along with some Faerie magic into the story. Completely captivated at this point, this reader hung on every word as the story played out from there.

This second book was a long time coming for this reader who fell in love with Jamie in the first book. Course you must know that I was jeaulous of Mari and got mad at her often. It was wonderfully written with witty dialogue and spicy love scenes. Full of adventure, passion and suspense that had me clutching my Kindle tightly. I can only hope that Breeding will continue the series and give cousin Shane a book. Please … I was so intrigued by him and Abigail.

Rogue of the Isles was a wonderful book that I had so much fun reading. I am recommending it to historical romance readers far and wide.

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