Risky Pleasures by McKenna Jeffries and Aliyah Burke

Risky Pleasures by McKenna Jeffries and Aliyah Burke
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (113 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

After years of attraction, is it worth the risk?

Delicia Wright is an EMT in her hometown of McKingley, New Mexico. A confident young woman who could handle anything life threw at her, or so she believed. How conveniently she forgot the one man in town who could turn her into a babbling idiot. He was a hard man to forget, but she managed to put him in the back of her mind, along with all her fantasies of the two of them.

Archer Bennett is a through and through blue-collar man who has callouses on his hands and—most of the time—grease under his nails. He knows hard work. Unfortunately for him, the woman he desires above all else was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and to some of her family he would always be ‘the boy from the wrong side of the tracks’. So for now, all he can do is observe her from a distance.

When the opportunity arises he makes known his attraction to her and is ecstatic to know she feels the same. But with interfering family and a past that seems destined to return and bite him, can Archer convince her the best pleasures are risky pleasures?

God Zeus preferred mortal women and felt a good attraction towards those beauties. female viagra buy Men whose erectile dysfunction is the result of leaking veins may find help in special exercises known as Kegel exercises. levitra canada price cute-n-tiny.com cialis 10 mg Peruvian women take Maca, a tuberous plant related to the potato. Pelvic tadalafil online in uk inflammatory disease – It’s a kind of uterus and fallopian tube infection that shells due to conditions like chlamydia, gonorrhoea or other related sexually transmitted diseases. Delicia Wright worked as an EMT in her small New Mexico town; she was also training for the triathlon which was only three months away. Delicia was one of those women who could handle any situation she encountered, so why did she find herself tripping over her words when it came to Archer Bennet? How long has she had a crush on this man who made her feel so weak she could melt?

Archer Bennett owned Bennett Towing and was the type of man that usually went after what he wanted, except for when it came to Delicia Wright. However, he was determined not to let her cousin Justin or anyone else such as her family, come between his getting Delicia as his own.

Risky Pleasures is the third book in the McKingley series, the first being All the Wright Moves which is the story of her oldest sister Katiya Wright and Warwick Taylor. The second book in the series, The Best Thing Yet is the romantic story of her second sister Arissa Wright and Deiter Schneider. Risky Pleasures can be read as a standalone but it may enhance your reading pleasure if the other books in the series were read as well.

I enjoyed the chemisty between Archer and Delicia and I liked how the author brought them together. It was also a nice twist having Delicia’s cousin, Justin, there because he displayed so much hate and animosity towards Archer it made the reader want to know what their history was. That history was slowly revealed as Justin and Archer’s hatred became more intense, and it was something that was unexpected. It was nice to see that Archer was just a hard working man with calluses and grease under his nails, and Delicia although born into a well to do family, was very down to earth.

Risky Pleasures is a good read and McKenna Jeffries and Aliyah Burke presented very likeable characters, with just the right amount of heat. The underlying story of her cousin Justin was a plus because it helped round out the story. Some of the characters from the first two books made brief appearances in this one, that’s why I would say it would be a good idea to read the first two.

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