Riding Hard by J. L Sheppard

Riding Hard by J. L Sheppard
Hell Riders MC Book 4
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (380 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Biker Dave “Dodge” Roth has never cared about his bad luck with women. He has other things to worry about—paying off debt his ex accumulated and most importantly, raising his three-year-old son, Cullen. When a new neighbor moves in, his boy makes it impossible to ignore her. Hard to miss, she’s beautiful, smart, sexy, perfect…

After her last failed relationship, kindergarten teacher Alexa “Lex” Millen has decided to do without men. She’s bought her first home in a small town in California and remodeled it to her liking. Naturally, she’s managed to move across the street from the world’s biggest jerk. His son’s adorable, but he won’t mind his own business. If only her engines didn’t rev every time he came around.

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Alexia, Lex to her friends, pictured her future in many different ways. Not once did include the smokin’ hot, broody, frustrating and yet hard to not think about member of Hell Ryder’s MC who lived across the street from her. Dave “Dodge” Roth is many things. Suave and charming are there, it’s just buried deep under a gruff, self-deprecating exterior.

I thought it was interesting how very similar Lex and Dodge really were in spite of their obvious different upbringings. How could a kindergarten teacher from a stable family find common ground with a foul mouthed, motorcycle riding mechanic? Reading the first several chapters it was clear that it would begin with a precious little three year old.

MC based books aren’t my ‘go to’ but the blurb of this one caught my attention and maybe it had something to do with the child. That’s one of my weaknesses in romance and this author did a fantastic job of making Cullen’s story just as integral and important and the what developed between Lex and Dodge.

My one major critique is this that there’s quite a bit of telling to move the story along the timeline. I prefer showing and dialogue. What her ‘telling’ did advance was the build up of chemistry and connection between Dodge and Lex. I didn’t mind that at all.

She also gave me glimpses into the other men and women who made up the first several books. As I said MC isn’t typically my thing but I enjoyed this one well enough to be interested in reading books 1 – 3. Picking up clues from Riding Hard leads me to believe that there’s some exciting and hard fought HEA’s in those books as well.

Reader’s who are offended by strong language might find Dodge and his brother’s a little hard to take but I’d tell them to look beyond their words and you’ll find some super protective, jealous to a fault, loyal hearts. Well worth the read.


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