Review: Target of Deception

Target of Deception
By Jennifer Cole

Officer Adrien Spence’s Mission: Obtain incriminating evidence, which one Alexis Rainier holds in her possession — at any cost.

First Challenge: Earn Alexis’ trust, which is easier said than done. By him using her niece, Alexis’ walls virtually crumble at her feet, as the little girl falls in love with Adrien.

Second Challenge: He must seduce Alexis and keep her off balance, and above all else, his secret agenda must remain just that, a secret.

Third Challenge: Adrien must search Alexis’ house for the damning evidence, without her finding out.

Unfortunately, he didn’t expect to lose his heart in the deal; and when Adrien learns that Alexis has been kidnapped, he prays that he can beat the clock in a race against time to save her.

Her life depends on it.

WARNING: This title contains explicit language, graphic sex, violence and anal sex.

Jennifer Cole delivers what a reader expects in an erotic romance. It has the saucy words, the adventurous physical involvement between characters and enough steam to thrill the seekers of erotic encounters. As a reader, I need more — and although Jennifer had to work her way up to it, once she delved into the suspense and started dropping clues for me to mull over, I was well and truly hooked.

We first meet Summer Rain a/k/a Alexis Ranier. She’s doing her thing on stage; a woman forced to do extra-ordinary things to keep her head above water, much like the classy lady on Independence Day. Remember her? Except Alexis doesn’t have it as easy. There’s a lot more baggage and stress burdening her shoulders that colors how she views the world around her and the people in it.

Officer Adrien Spence is told to protect her. He’s the do-good guy who can’t resist the lure of Alexis. He has a dark side to him as well and that always makes a character more interesting. He makes a few mistakes, assumptions actually, that humble this almost perfect guy. He is also in a situation of being used while thinking he’s the clever one. All along the tide is against him, but as with any knowledgeable swimmer he figured out pretty quick how to work with the riptide.

Did you follow that?

What that means is that the author works a spiraling intrigue throughout this story that had me surprised at the end. Oh sure, I figured out a few things, but not everything, and I enjoyed that.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a slight time burp and a few editing issues early on. Also, don’t be surprised if, after awhile, you get irritated by her calling Adrien “Cop” all the time. You will understand why she acts the way she does, and talks the way she does, when the facts of her life get revealed. Put yourself in her shoes. Once you know what she knows, I think you’d be hard pressed to stop yourself at just saying “Cop”. I could think of a lot more words to use than that.

Be assured that this story transcends those little issues. When the action towards the end starts, it was well paced, well written and had me reading with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Time ceased to exist.

For me, plot is key to a story. The author wrote the physical sex as hot and varied, definitely earning the erotica title – satisfying those that look for that element. But for me,who requires more to a story, Jennifer Cole delivered the meat.
She was right on target.


Reviewed by Xeranth

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