Review: Sultry Saudi Nights (Destination Pleasure 4)

Sultry Saudi Nights Destination Pleasure 4
by Allie Standifer

The past is supposed to stay in the past, right? Tell that to Sheik Damon E’Darvue. He showed up in Ariel Lake’s life after a one night mistake three years ago. With amazing amounts of bad luck and bad timing, Ariel finds herself married to a man she’s never been able to forget. But this time will she find the courage to stick around and find out what happens once passion is satiated?

This one is a very quick read, and I do mean quick. I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about a story that jumped right into the physical aspects of the relationship, but before I knew it I was coming to the end of the story and I had a smile on my face.

When first we meet Damon and Ariel they have been thrown back together after having shared one incredible night of passion. They parted ways three years before due to miscommunication and misunderstanding. Damon wants Ariel back and isn’t above using manipulation of circumstances, namely being in the right place at the absolutely right time, to get her back in his arms where he knows she belongs. Ariel has other ideas, but comes to the conclusion that one more night in this man’s arms could be what it takes to get him out of her system–something she hasn’t been able to do for three years.

While short, this tale did touch me, if it didn’t exactly yank at my heartstrings. Of course, we do get our Happily Ever After with a few touches of character quirks and some chuckles along the way. All in all, this was a fun, quick read, even if I did wish it was longer, just so I could get more character and plot development to satisfy my nosy soul.

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Reviewed by: Viscaria

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