Review: Stealing Carmen

Stealing Carmen
by Gail Faulkner

Jack knew all about secrets. The government trusted him to keep them, find them, exploit them. Home for a short rest from that world, he hadn’t meant to overhear his sexy neighbor’s darkest desires. Being the focus of those wicked wishes was news to him.

Introducing Carmen to the fantasy of being a submissive was a mission he didn’t expect to last long. He certainly didn’t expect her to show him natural sensuality that brought him to his knees.

A lifetime of looking at the other side of the fence brought a man to this. Investing more than he could afford and it wasn’t cash. Carmen came with a dangerous price. One he’d willingly pay to keep this woman safe in his arms.

Let me say, I was so excited to get my hands on this book. I have been a huge fan of Gail Faulkner’s ever since I read the first one I tried on someone else’s recommend. I’ve eagerly awaited each new story of hers and have never been disappointed. This time was no different. Right away, this was an intense read, which is exactly what I love about Gail Faulkner. Her stories are intense and pull you right in from page one, and this one was no exception. I found that I didn’t want the story to end and was ready to start it all over when I came to the inevitable last page. This will definitely be on my reread “shelf”.

I loved reading about Jake, and he just made me shiver all over. I’m sure that was the goal. Jake is a rough-around-the-edges hero, which is really what is expected considering his job as an “undercover law enforcement officer”. He is also a sexual Dominant. The fact that he’s completely honest with himself and anyone else about the kind of man he is just endears him further to me. He doesn’t pull punches when it comes to what he wants, but he’s also realistic about the fact that it could frighten a potential partner. He is well aware that his profession limits any sort of expectations he or a lover may have regarding their relationship, unless or until he is ready to get out of the “game”.

Carmen is the seemingly shy, submissive who lives next door, and Jake has lusted after her from the moment he first saw her. Carmen returns the feeling, but neither one knows that the other feels the same way. So, lusting from afar, or at least from across the yard, ensues. The fun really begins when Jakes overhears one of Carmen’s phone conversations; a conversation that involves her attraction to him and what she wants from him… a Dominant to her submissive. Jake decides he’s done window-shopping, he’s Stealing Carmen, now.

There were many things that I loved about Carmen. She was funny and intelligent. She had needs without being needy. You have to love a woman who knows her mind. She is also someone who knows what she wants, it’s the getting it part that she’s having trouble with. No one else seems to push her buttons the way Jake does, and that’s from afar. She’s desperate for him to make a move and take what she wants to give, but she’s at a loss as to how to do that. Carmen is quite surprised to find that Jake is more than willing to fulfill her needs as a submissive, but not enough to turn down his demands.

This was a fantastic story that had my attention all the way through. I didn’t want to put it down… let the kids feed themselves! All joking aside, the interactions between Jake and Carmen were well-written and riveting, not to mention insightful. There’s just something about the way Gail writes a Dominant male that makes me drool. I sure wasn’t disappointed with this book, and I would continue to recommend Gail Faulkner at each opportunity.

Reviewed by: Viscaria

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