Review: Only Man For the Job

Only Man For the Job
by Liza James

She never should have left, he never should have let her. Too bad it takes two years and many sleepless nights to realize he’s always been the Only Man For the Job.

Laney Peters is back in town, and this time she’s here to stay. When she decides to have the master bath in her new home remodeled, she is unprepared to discover the love of her life standing on her front porch ready to fulfill all her needs.

This short story is quick in the telling but sufficiently long in heat. Right away we meet Laney Peters, a lady in dire need of a bathroom overhaul.

In saunters Keith Jansen, a handy man with the skills to do the job right. The trick is that these two are fated mates who have a past steeped in misperceptions, hurt feelings and pride.

How do you ask for a second chance? How do you get past the past?

These two realize through their verbal thrust and parry that the passion they shared was the only true and uncomplicated thing they agreed upon with enthusiasm. Could it be the basis for reconciliation? Is the passion still as hot as they remembered? Is Keith really qualified to overhaul her bathroom and her heart?

After reading this, I’m still not too sure about the fate of the bathroom, but I think Laney might be in good hands.

Did I say “might”?

If I had my own Keith Jansen, I’d hope I had more than one bathroom in need of remodeling!


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