Review: Captive Fantasy

Captive Fantasy
By L. Rosario

Seraphina Scala has just confessed she’s never had an orgasm and now her friend has the perfect solution, a night spent at Captive Fantasy, a club that guarantees to fulfill every deep, dark, secret desire. Sera would rather admit she’s a vampire than join her friend at such a place, but she doesn’t, and she finds herself surrounded by ravenous women and drop-dead gorgeous men. One in particular steals her attention.

Valentino was literally created to make fantasies come true. He’s used to the eager women who flood into Captive Fantasy every night to take what he offers, but when he meets the shy Sera, he knows he has his work cut out for him. Something about her strikes a chord deep inside, and he soon realizes he wants more than just a breathy thank you for a “job” well done. Valentino awakens a side of Sera she’s kept locked away for nearly three centuries, and now she must confront her past, her present and her future. Doing so won’t be so bad with Valentino by her side, but will he want her once he realizes what she really is? Or will his secret be the one thing they cannot overcome?

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to describe this book is, “Whew!” I know, not really a word, but hey, spell-check didn’t flag it! I felt like I was on a roller-coaster ride the entire time I was reading this story, and I do love roller-coasters. The slow, but tantalizing climb to getting to know our main characters a bit–their meeting each other as we wait to see how they will react–then that desperate plunge into a hot and heavy relationship. Just throw your hands up and squeal through the ride.

I found the two protagonists well-defined and emotionally accessible. I never doubted why they were doing what they were doing, or feeling what they were feeling. I loved this book.

Seraphina “Sera” Scala is a shy, reserved librarian who has never really had an orgasm, and especially not one during sex. She is also a three-hundred year old vampire who has never really felt she was cut out to be a vampire, so you see her frustration. She is beginning to think that it’s just not possible for her to reach a sexual peak during intercourse when her closest friend suggests she visit an all-male review club with her. Sera’s not so excited to tag along but allows herself to be talked into it, only to come face to face with some of them most gorgeous men she has ever laid eyes on. It isn’t long after entering the club that she finds out it’s not just a strip club… it’s a sex club. The gorgeous men are there to fulfill every woman’s fantasy, and that includes sex – much to Sera’s chagrin.

Valentino is a “performer” at the club, Captive Fantasy. He was literally created to fulfill any and every woman’s fantasy. It’s all he’s ever known, but lately he finds he is restless, and uninterested in the many gorgeous women vying for his attention. The problem? An attitude like that could get his employment “terminated”. All that changes when Seraphina walks through the door and into his life. He finds he is desperate to keep her in his life, but with no real understanding of how to make that happen. When Valentino discovers Sera’s reason for coming to the club, he knows he’s up to the task. The only obstacle is that he doesn’t want to let her go once he gets her into his arms.

This story had an interesting, if not fully creative take on the vampire story. Some of the elements were those that we see in many other vampire novels. The politics and unknown agendas behind the actions of those in the Vampire Coven are an interesting storyline, even if it did seem I’d read or seen something similar before. I do, however understand that there have been so many vampire stories written that there isn’t a whole lot out there that one can add to. It did not detract from the story in any way. In fact, it made it easier to follow along with the main characters and not try to wrap my brain around new theories and behaviors. We also get to meet supporting characters that have me looking for their stories, as well as a villain who’s not really a villain and who I would seriously love to see redeemed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and will be adding it to my keeper pile. The way Sera and Valentino react to each other and their differing worlds kept me guessing as to how they would resolve their conflicts in order to find their Happily Ever After. The love scenes between the two were so hot, I found myself looking around to make sure no one else could see how hot and bothered I was just from reading about them. This book was a fun and exciting take on the classic vampire tale and I would recommend it to all lovers of vampire lore or anyone else looking for a HOT romance.

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Reviewed by Viscaria

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