Review: All She Wants for Christmas

All She Wants For Christmas
by Crystal Jordan

The wedding is off! Emma Richards just walked away from the only man she’s ever loved, her overbearing parents, and the pressures of life. Somehow her well-ordered existence has spiraled out of control to the point that she’s hiding in a bathroom stall until everyone leaves the department store with the wedding planner. When she makes her escape, she finds herself trapped in the elevator with her furious fianc?, who knows just how to convince her that giving up on the wedding is one thing, but giving up on their relationship is out of the question. Eloping is all Emma really wants for Christmas, and Paul is just the man to deliver.

Having had the pleasure of reading Crystal Jordan before, I was looking forward to reading this short holiday story. It didn’t disappoint. Crystal Jordan has proven again that she is a master of complex relationships.

Emma and Paul are wonderful characters who have realistic reactions and show a depth of emotion that is uncommon in such a short story. Their incredibly hot sex scene is both animalistic and tender.

At this point, I would buy anything that Crystal Jordan writes. She has a special gift of combining hot sex, complex characters and deep emotion.

Reviewed by Aster

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