Reunited by Helen Hardt


Reunited by Helen Hardt
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (62 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Quince

True love comes once in a lifetime…will she grab her second chance?

When Kathryn Abbott moves back to her hometown following her divorce, she doesn’t expect to run into Brett Falcone, the Italian Stallion. If possible, he’s even more appealing than he was twenty years ago when she, the nerd queen, tutored the popular baseball star. Brett would like to begin the relationship they couldn’t have then, but first Kathryn must face her past decisions…and risk losing Brett.

Reunited has it all: a couple that meet again after twenty years, flashbacks into the past, a big secret, hot sex scenes and a happy ending, and all that fits on 62 pages!

I liked the way the author conceptualized the story combining the present and past of the hero and heroine’s relationship. Nevertheless, I preferred a little bit more exploration of the past part of the story, because it had my favorite elements in romance novels — opposites attracts, and in this case it was a jock and a nerd falling in love.

The part of the story that takes place in the present started strong and hot and I had significant expectations. Unfortunately later on, when this Big secret occurred, I was a disappointed because of the two things. First, although after the first third of the story it was obvious that this Big secret will occur I was not happy with it. And second, I was disappointed with the way the author dealt with it. It was obvious that the only purpose of the Big secret was just to make a conflict between the hero and heroine in order for them to realize that they care deeply for one another and to reunite again, but this time for good. For me the whole idea of the Big secret was presented in a superficial way.

Regardless of this disappointment, I enjoyed the short time I spent with Reunited. I finished the last page with big smile on my face. For me, in this case that is enough to recommend the story. If you are looking for something light and fast, Reunited is a good choice.

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