Reunion for the First Time by K. M Daughters

Reunion for the First Time by K. M Daughters
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (257 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Lizzie Moran is desperate to help her best friend’s husband recover from grief-stricken despair after her friend passes away. But their love was unlike anything Lizzie has ever seen. A love she knows will never happen for her, considering the bad choices she’s made.

Jack Clark is ready to take whatever measures necessary to yank his brother out of the abyss he’s fallen into after his wife’s death. And when he meets the lovely Lizzie who has the same goal, he is perfectly willing to put aside their differences, for the sake of his brother.

Tensions escalate when Jack and Lizzie are forced to attend a reunion together—and the fact that Lizzie’s former fiancé, the man who dumped her the same day her parents died, will be there doesn’t help. But an unlikely matchmaker has a plan—and if it succeeds, Jack and Lizzie might just realize they are meant for each other.

Elizabeth Moran is set up for a momentous emotional journey, a journey that a romance reader would not want to miss. With well-developed characters, emotions running high, and high-tension conflicts, this story captivates from the very first page.

Elizabeth, a compassionate philanthropist, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, and former Peace Corp worker is a friend to treasure. Because a special friend needs her there, she is attending the tenth reunion of her college class, something she has avoided up to now. The memories of things that happened, at her graduation time, still hurt beyond belief.

Her friend Charlie, the still grieving husband of Elizabeth’s dear friend Mariposa, who died of Leukemia, agrees to be her escort during reunion.

I’m convinced, sweet, caring Mariposa whispered from Heaven that he should complete the matchmaking she had started. Charlie, unbeknownst to Elizabeth, sends his brother Jack P. Clark in his place. Elizabeth is furious, but when her one-time fiancé, Wallace Prescott, shows up, Jack outmaneuvers him at every turn. Held close in Jack’s arms as they dance, Elizabeth feels safe, protected from the man she had given her heart and virginity to only to have disappeared from her life.

How Wallace acts and his deceptiveness is hair-raising.

Reunion for the First Time grabs and holds one’s attention with simmering love, twists, surprises emotional obstacles, and an antagonist who really raises one’s ire. Emotions run the gamut from sorrow and anger to ecstasy in this very readable story.

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