Return Of The Wolfe by Nancy Fraser

Return Of The Wolfe by Nancy Fraser
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Ever since she was a teenager, Sarah Tremayne wanted one thing and one thing only—to be a park ranger at Big Bear National Park in Bear Lake, Wisconsin. Her dream was always to work along side her ranger brother, Brent, and be the first brother-sister team in department history.

Matthew Wolfe is also a ranger and Brent’s best friend. He tolerated Sarah when she was a gangly teen following him around the park like a lost puppy. However, as Sarah blossomed so did his desire.

Just as they’re exploring their mutual attraction, a tragic accident pulls them apart.
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Four years have passed and Matthew is returning to Big Bear as the man in charge. Will he and Sarah be able to mend their ragged fences and rediscover what they once had? Or, will Sarah’s pain and anger force her away from Big Bear, and Matt, forever?

Sarah and Matthew have an intense and complicated history – but what Sarah can’t forgive is Matthew leaving precisely when she needed him the most. It’s a shock, therefore, when he returns not just fleetingly, but having accepted the position as Head Ranger at Big Bear. Matthew appears to be back for good and Sarah has no idea of how she can come to grips with this. Will they be able to weather Matthew’s return?

I enjoyed this slow-burning romance. Readers who enjoy a steady pace where the main characters have the time and opportunity to really get to know each other before sizzling on the page should find this romance suits their tastes. There’s a complicated – and painful – history between Sarah and Matthew and while at times I felt it bogged down the blossoming of their relationship with baggage I also thought this history really added some tension and conflict between Sarah and Matthew.

While I sometimes wasn’t sure of the romance aspect to the story – I thought this story really shines with all the description and interest from Sarah and Matthew’s job together as Park Rangers. I loved how much small detail and extra information the author managed to pack into this side of the story without making it feel like an info-dump or as if there was just massive amount of research – or experience – thrown in for no reason. I felt the story moved naturally and all the details and descriptions of their work as Rangers kept my interest piqued right throughout the story. I felt this really added complexity and depth to the story as a whole and easily was my favourite part to the whole book.

Watching Sarah and Matthew try to work through their past – and see what kind of future they could potentially have together – was really lovely. A few times I wasn’t sure Sarah would be able to see things maturely or clearly as their history was exceptionally emotional for her, but I was vastly relieved when Sarah and Matthew managed to come together and sort out their happy ending.

Readers looking for an emotional, spicy and well paced romance story with interesting characters and a strong plot should find this book really satisfying.


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