Reprinted: The Shapeshifters’ Library: Book Four by Amber Polo

Reprinted: The Shapeshifters’ Library: Book Four by Amber Polo
Publisher: Blue Merle Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (281 Pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by: Cyclamen

For centuries a magical race of shapeshifting dogs have protected the world’s libraries from evil book-burning werewolves. But when Chihuahua-shifter Pacifico Lopez, techno-genius inventor of Zoogle, the world’s most powerful search engine, discovers a werewolf plot that threatens to destroy the world of books, dog-shifters face their biggest challenge yet. Werewolf Landy Romero, an editor at wolf-owned World Wide Publishing, and secret book lover, is horrified to learn that Pacifico thinks her own company is sabotaging books.

Their quest to track down ebook pirates takes them to a werewolf Caribbean island resort where they discover an e-book thieving sailing vessel called The Cloud, a diabolical book distribution plant, enslaved dog-shifters who hold the secret to the true dog-shifter/ werewolf history, and an unlikely romance.

In this most exciting Shapeshifters’ Library adventure yet, Pacifico and Landy are thrust into the heart of a tropical storm as they battle lies and uncover injustice and betrayal. And the truth, when exposed, will change everything they believe about themselves and their world, forever.

Chihuahua shifter Pacifico Lopez has discovered a plot by the book hating werewolves to destroy the world of books and he is determined to stop it. He heads to the headquarters of wolf-owned World Wide Publishing determined to confront Dominika, the werewolf head of WWP. Instead he finds one of her daughters, Atlandia Romero, in charge. Landy is nothing like her mother and Paco can’t help but stare at this lovely woman. When he lets her know of his suspicions, she denies them, but soon, with a bit of research on both their parts, they discover the truth.

I liked both Paco and Landy. They are well-developed characters who ring true. I loved it when Paco, the richest man in the world, had to go undercover as a dishwasher in the wolf run resort. And while he falls in love with Landy, he also is pretty clueless about how to approach her. Landy is not at all like either her mother or her sister and in fact has spent her whole life in their shadows, never good enough, always the small white wolf, a wolf who loves to read. When she is given the job of running WWP she is thrilled, determined to find the best authors, not the worst. She has trouble standing up to her sister Sybilla, but when the stakes are high, she discovers her inner strengths.

The plot is exciting and fast-paced. The description of the hurricane is particularly vivid and intense. And as the betrayals and injustices are revealed, so are some very surprising loyalties. This is the fourth novel in the Shapeshifters’ Library, and it is just as exciting as the first three. It can also be read as a stand-alone, although I personally wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on the first three.

Fantasy lovers are sure to be captivated by the dynamics between the dog shifters and the wolf shifters, and the history of their beginnings is spellbinding.


  1. I agree, this was another great book from Ms. Polo’s Shapeshifters Library Series. I love the unique idea she came up with the plots for these books; very original!

    Kari Thomas

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