Punished by H.C. Brown

Punished by H.C. Brown
Publisher: Luminosity Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (38 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Fetish, Toys
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Bad boys, bad boys

When Vice Detective Del Hood receives a call out to investigate a muscular, tattooed man in black hanging around the entrance to a sex shop, he believes the smart-mouthed Danny Rose is trouble with a capital T. Problem is the moment he pats him down and runs his hands over his hard body, a connection between them sizzles.

Could Danny be the arrogant, wisecracking sub of his dreams?

Detective Del Hood is called to a BDSM club when the owner is nervous about a strange man loitering. Del watches the man and when he goes to question Danny all Del’s instincts scream that this boy is the perfect sub for him. But Danny is looking for his brother and despite the instant and hot chemistry between himself and Del, Danny won’t let himself get sidetracked from helping his brother. Del finds he can help Danny out, in more ways than one.

I found this to be a sexy, super short hot story. The attraction and chemistry between Del and Danny was smoking hot and almost instant. I was kept a little off balance, as the point of view of the story swaps around from Del’s first person, to Danny’s third person, but the story-line was simple enough I managed to keep up with everything. I initially enjoyed the plotline of Danny searching for his brother, Thorn, but found that a large scene reuniting the two of them just before the middle of the book really bogged down the story to my mind. It felt a little like Del and Danny’s relationship and chemistry sparkled until Danny and Thorn were reunited, then the entire focus of the story switched to the brothers. Then afterwards the focus again switched completely back to Del and Danny. I feel if the scenes had blended together a bit better, or if the brother’s scene wasn’t quite as history and info-dumping, then the flow of the story would have felt a lot easier and smoother to my mind.

There are a strong cast of secondary characters, most of whom I found not only interesting, but intriguing as well. I have a feeling that Thorn and a possibly one of Del’s Dom buddies are being set up for future books down the road. I admit I found this book good enough and the concept fresh enough that I’d be interested in looking into future stories when they come out.

I also enjoyed the pacing of the sexual relationship between Del and Danny. Although they had chemistry and sizzle between them from practically the first page, they didn’t actually jump into bed until much further into the story. I found this extra time helped me get to know them both as characters before the sex over-rode everything else in the story. Danny is seriously into his kink – pain, predominantly – and some readers might find the power plays and struggles between Danny and Del a little too much for them. I found the sex and scenes were written tastefully but have to admit it’s a bit edgier and harder than you can often find in erotic romances. They don’t do a light spanking scene and move on, this book seems directed at readers who like a bit more edge in their reading material.

A hot, sexy and strongly kinky BDSM M/M erotic romance, this should appeal to many readers who want a bit more bite with their erotica.

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