Promise Me Eden by D’Ann Lindun

Promise Me Eden by D’Ann Lindun
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (180 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Adam Pelletier is at the end of his rope. He can’t figure a way to help his wife recover from the tragic stillbirth of their son. He hasn’t forgotten their boy, but Adam has pushed his grief down deep and is coping the only way he knows how—by refusing to focus on his loss and burying himself in work.

Eden Pelletier is lost in grief. The pain for her is unbearable. So much so she’s in a deep hole of depression she can’t climb out of. Unable to do anything but think about her dead son, she can’t understand why Adam is able to put him aside and carry on. She’s so heartbroken she’s lost her job. When Adam pushes her to get up and move on, she lashes out—asking for a divorce she doesn’t want.

Can Adam win his wife back before it’s too late?

Promise Me Eden is a poignant love story—a story of a love that rises like a phoenix out of the ashes of a broken marriage.

A soul-deep grief sends Eden spirally down into depression that saps her strength and makes her want to sleep to escape. Not even Adam, the one man she’s loved since high school, can alleviate her misery. When her grief reaches the stage of anger, she lashes out at him because being angry at her stillborn child is unthinkable.

Adam Pelletier despairs of how to reach his once happy, vibrant wife—his much-loved Eden. His feelings of guilt, his stoic way of grieving weigh on him like an anvil as he works long, hard, cold days with cattle in the feedlot. The bitter cold in Colorado lingers longer than usual just like the bitter grief in his heart and soul lingers. His son is dead without ever having breathed a breath in this world.

Most all of the secondary characters quietly, steadfastly support Adam and Eden as they struggle to decide—do they give up on trying to reach each other or do they pick up the shattered bits of their marriage and try to put them back together? One notable character, Joelle, Eden’s mother, is a pragmatic, flawed character that rings so true to life. Then there is Angel, Eden’s much-younger half sister, who unknowingly helps Eden to face life and begin to put one foot in front of the other on her way to functioning like a living human being again. The equine veterinarian, Braden Van Der Carr plays a unique role in the unfolding of events. There are a couple of the secondary characters that did a super job of antagonizing; they rev up the tension to fever pitch.

Promise Me Eden is set in the Western culture with horses, cattle, and the weather conditions woven into the everyday lives of the characters. D’Ann Lindun does a remarkable job with the use of authentic vernacular, the atmosphere at the work place and in the dimly-lit honky-tonks, the attitudes of the people, and the family-like connections of a small community. Of course, being the nosy-parker I am, I wanted to know more about a few of the interesting characters and the happenings. I really did want to see the horse abuser get his comeuppance.

The scene at the grave of baby Ty touches a tender spot in the heart and lingers in the memory. My eyes got a little teary as I read it. This is an attention-keeping love story.

While Promise Me Eden is not a long story, it leaves the reader with a feeling of having shared highly emotional times with the hero and heroine.


  1. I agree with everything in your review. Having also read this book, I found the story resonating with me for a long time after. I’ve fallen in love with this series!!

  2. A must on my TBR pile, and now on the top of the list!

  3. D’Ann is a lovely author and I’m really glad to see her stories get some recognition! Beautiful review and you captured the essence of the emotionally driven story so well.

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