Poked By The Po Po by T. Lee Garland

Poked By The Po Po by T. Lee Garland
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (51 pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Double Penetration
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A killer forces them on the run…

Assistant DA Nicole Bevens is a fierce opponent in the courtroom and demands justice for her clients. She’s as smart as she is beautiful, but when her former step-father breaks out of prison and comes after her intending to make her his next victim, she is placed into protective custody.
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Detectives Trey Marsh and Jordan Wallace will do whatever it takes to protect Nicole—even if that means letting her have her way with their bodies. When trouble comes their way, they will put themselves in harm’s way to safeguard the woman they’ve come to love.

Nicole was used to turning heads and being vastly underestimated in her work within the DA’s office. She didn’t mind too much – by the time most men realised she had a solid brain inside her pretty blonde head it was too late – their guilty clients were already half-way to jail. She enjoyed her work and relished putting the guilty away for a long, long time. Only now one of the worst killers she knew had escaped prison and had a long-seated grudge against her. With two dead-sexy detectives assigned to guard her body Nicole isn’t too concerned about her safety, until she discovers these men might just be a risk to her heart.

I really enjoyed this short story. I was particularly pleased that the author managed to really balance the plot with the hot ménage sex. At no stage did I feel like one or the other was getting short-changed. The tension of having a crazy psychopath out on the loose and chasing after Nicole felt real enough to me that it didn’t feel like a plot-device, but a genuine source of conflict and worry for Nicole’s safety, and therefore of both Trey and Jordan in their roles as police protection. I also felt the chemistry between the two men and Nicole added a good layer of sexiness to the whole story without overdoing it. The three of them didn’t simply hop straight into bed, but progressed in a more natural way from trusting each other to becoming more intimate. I thought this really helped guide me along as the reader and made the relationship and dynamics between Trey, Jordan and Nicole feel more realistic.

Nicole had some extremely modern thoughts on sex and romance which took me a moment to process. While I enjoyed her strength and freedom of thought I also found it a little sad just how vulnerable it made Nicole seem to me. I was pleased both Trey and Jordan could see through Nicole’s attitude and understand the complexities underlying it. My only slight quibble with the story was the speed with which much of the plot was wrapped up and some of the coincidences that needed to align for it. Given the short page-count I totally understand the author couldn’t drag things out or have a complicated trail to follow for the conclusion, but this did leave me feeling like the plot was a little rushed toward the end.

The sex was hot and prolific, to my mind. I enjoyed that Nicole was intimate with both Trey and Jordan separately before they got together as a threesome. While a ménage is clearly where both Trey and Jordan wanted to head from the beginning I actually was pleased that Nicole was attracted to each man independently and was sexually interested in them both – that one wasn’t just a “tag along”. This helped me feel like the ménage began and worked on an equal footing which I really liked.

With a solid plot and some seriously hot threesome sex this is a great short story that I feel sure will appeal to many readers.

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