Penalty Clause by Lori Ryan

Cover_Penalty Clause

Penalty Clause by Lori Ryan
Publisher: Self
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Full (272 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 3.5 Stars
Review by Poppy

Andrew Weston and Jill Walsh had to be the two most unlikely people to fall in love. When Jill’s first husband’s love for her simply fizzled and died, Jill knew she’d never trust that love could last again. After Andrew’s first love betrayed him in the most brutal way possible, he knew he might fall in love again someday, but there was no way he’d ever make himself vulnerable again by confessing those feelings if he did.

Fate had a different ending in mind for these two, though, and when Andrew discovers his love for Jill, he knows the only way to get her to stay with him forever is to offer her an iron clad penalty clause in a prenuptial agreement. He stays with her forever or he loses everything he owns. The millions he’s worked for, his property, his cars, everything. Now he just needs to hope that’s enough to hold onto Jill forever.

With a hero to die for and just a touch of suspense, Penalty Clause is a good addition to any romance reader’s library.

I can understand Jill’s reluctance to trust again after her husband’s adultery. And Andrew … no wonder he never spoke to his parents again! I can’t even imagine that kind of betrayal. Still, with the background between these two, I admit I found it somewhat difficult they couldn’t overcome their doubts and fears. They were friends first, after all.

I really did love Andrew… what a yummy hero! He was so sweet and thoughtful and sexy enough to take your breath away. I envied Jill from the start. The things he did for her up to and including the penalty clause surely should have proved where his heart was, but he just could not say those all important words.

Ms. Ryan has done a wonderful job creating three dimensional characters in a well-plotted book. I understand this is book two in a series, and while it was clear there was a story I’d missed, since we met some newly marrieds, I never had trouble following anything in this book. When characters are this strong and clear, I’ll keep reading even when the plot has blips. And I especially loved Andrew’s grandmother — what a hoot!

The author is exceptionally talented and the book editing was tight and clean. I enjoyed Penalty Clause even when I wanted to take Jill and Andrew and smack them upside their heads.  Really what that means is that I was completely invested in them and their HEA!  The plot was interesting (and had a surprising twist), the characters fabulous and the sex hot. I’m fully planning to go back and gobble up book one!


  1. What an excellent review! I love genre blending so mixing romance and suspense is great!

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  3. Catherine says:

    I like the premise. It seems that pre-nups are more about getting OUT of a relationship than staying in one. This is an interesting twist. It sounds like my kind of fun summer read! …And I wonder what his parents did? It’s got my curiosity up.
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  6. I loved this book!! I am so looking forward to the next book n the series!!!

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