Patchwhore by Kim Jones

Patchwhore by Kim Jones
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (268 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip


The girl who thought she was living her happily ever after.
The one who fell for the lies.
A victim of infidelity.

After months of heartache and loss, anger ensued.
Rage replaced sadness. Fury took over heartache. Revenge became irresistible.
Now he’ll feel what I felt. One by one, his brothers will take his place in my bed.
They have a name for me in the MC world…


And this is my story.

If making her ex jealous is what she wants, Devil’s Renegades Prospect Cook is more than willing to oblige.
He only has one rule: He doesn’t share.

She can seek her revenge. Follow through with her plan.
But her body will be his. He’ll own her fantasies. And her pleasure.
But in her eyes, he’s just a lowly PROSPECT—nothing more.
Little does she know, she’s about to be enlightened.

Kim Jones delivered another fantastic biker romance with this book. First of all, just look past the title of this one because it’s a bit misleading. It was perfectly clear once Carmen and Cook crossed paths that these two were meant to be together. I got started reading and couldn’t stop. It is a very hot story that had me hooked from beginning to end.

At heart, this is a second chances story. Carmen had her heart broken by her cheating boyfriend and she means to get back at him by sleeping with his “patch brothers” Her decision pulled her into Cook’s orbit and they both fell hard and fast at first sight, only they didn’t realize it for most of the book. I loved Carmen because she was stubborn and funny and maybe a little crazy too. Cook was essentially a Prospect for a different club, The Devil’s Renegades, the biggest and baddest of the MC royalty. Mr. Delicious was a sexy sweet hunk of alpha man with his own emotional hang ups. He was possessive and dominant and so patient with Carmen. I absolutely loved everything about Cook.

This story held quite a few surprises and the perfect balance of dark romance and sexy smuttiness that made it almost imossible to put down until the end. As always, Kim Jones wrote a superbly entertaining book and I can’t wait to read Cutslut.

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