Out Of The Past by Sean Michael

Out Of The Past by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Ten years after a terrible car accident left carpenter Andy Johnson dead, Steven Billings has yet to move on. Though he’s put aside his art to run his family’s foundation—just like his parents always wanted—Steven has never been able to put Andy and the love they shared behind him.

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Even though ten years has passed since a car accident killed Steven’s lover Andy, Steven hasn’t really moved on. He’s left his art behind and – just like his family wanted – joined in with the family business, but Steven remains alone, still mourning his lost lover. Only a chance encounter in a bar throws both Steven – and Andy’s – lives upside down, as Andy thought Steven had abandoned him, and Steven genuinely believed Andy had died. Can these two men rebuild their shattered lives and find a new way forward?

I found this to be a really emotional but strongly written short story. While the angst of Steven finding out his lover, Andy, wasn’t dead but he’d been betrayed into thinking so and mourning for a very long time is a lot to read I was pleased the author hammered all that out pretty much at the beginning of the story. There’s a lot of emotions and hurt for Andy and Steven both to come to grips with and I feel this could have really dragged the story as a whole down. I was so pleased when that wasn’t the case. Yes, there’s a lot of emotion and some angst and a few hurt and angry words, but this part of the story wasn’t extended longer than it needed to be and I feel it was really well handled – enough to be realistic and relatable, but not enough to be overly dramatic or feel like it was dwelled on.

I was grateful when Andy and Steven began to rebuild their relationship together. They both certainly still have scars and there’s a lot of work needed to be done, but it was clear they still deeply cared for each other and them both trying again was a lovely thing to read. I feel readers who enjoy this style of story will find it a quick and wonderful read, full of quite deep emotions and with two interesting, modern and very well drawn characters.

Steamy and wonderful, this was a lovely read and one I’ll enjoy again in the future.

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