One Last Shot by Danielle La Paglia

One Last Shot by Danielle La Paglia
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (54 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Quince

High school sweethearts, Justin and Shelby, were destined to be together forever. But when Justin decided to give up a college scholarship to stay close to Shelby, his family stepped in, convincing Shelby she was holding him back from his life-long dream of playing Major League Baseball. She took her guilt and ran, and he never knew why.

Ten years later, they find themselves back in the small Texas town they grew up in. Shelby’s come home to run the bar she inherited from her dad and Justin is looking for a safe haven after a career ending injury. With years of buried hurt and regrets, and the secret of his family’s betrayal hanging between them, is Cupid’s arrow enough to help them reignite the passion of first love?

Cupid may have missed in the first round, but he’s willing to give this true love one last shot.

True love deserves a second chance. But sometimes former lovers, torn apart by destiny, need divine intervention in order to find their way back into each other arms. It was the mention of ‘divine intervention’ that made me wary of this book, but fortunately I ended up being delighted from the very first chapter.

There are so many things that I loved about One Last Shot. It is a story that features a hero and heroine from different social backgrounds; he’s a rich boy and she is definitely not a rich girl. Then this is a second chance love story, which I like. And last but not least, this tale is written so well that I read it in one sitting. The storyline follows the past of Shelby Stephens and Justin Tanner’s relationship and incorporates it so well into the current story arc. I really liked the author’s decision to focus more on the present storyline, conflict and plot, on resolving past deceptions and lies than on the hero’s pursuit of the heroine.

The characters are also well developed and three dimensional. Shelby is one of the strongest heroines I have met lately. She is strong physically and she has a strong personality. Shelby is a woman who is forced to make really tough decisions and has had to sacrifice a lot in her life. I really felt for her towards the end. She lost almost everything, except her dignity and pride, and what was really important to her – her father’s bar. I also liked that Ms. La Paglia really toned down the ‘divine intervention’ and made it almost invisible, focusing mostly on humans and very little on gods.

I never knew that such a short story can be packed with so many things and not to have loose ends. All I can say is that One Last Shot is a masterfully crafted story that was a pure pleasure to read. Of course, the hot sex scenes also helped!

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