Numb by Montgomery Raye

Numb by Montgomery Raye
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Rating: Two Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Take a walk with Nora, whose hunger for love has taken the foreground in a most unusual way.

More control which Nora relinquishes, the sexual spotlight becomes hers and hers alone.

How does a wallflower become the life of the party?
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For one who is “Numb”, what others may see as being extreme, is just a walk in the park of what is average.

To cope, to succumb, to overcome, to numb. The road is yours.

There is freedom in choice.

This is a quick story and definitely hot. Nora knows what she wants – love – and she knows how she wants to get it. She’s determined to be the center of attention and this story delivers the heat. This short features multiple partners, lots of back door play, role play, pony play, degradation, and domination. Oh boy, is there domination. She gives up control, as the blurb suggests, and this is her journey.

This story could be greater if there was just a bit more description and fleshing out in each section. Nora goes on an adventure and each lover is unique. I would’ve liked a bit more to each chunk. How’d she get involved with this person, how does she feel while being with the person and how does she feel after? Those details would certainly bolster the story. The other thing that was a bit more work with an editor. It’s jarring to read when words are omitted. It reads like an outline that way. While this might not take away enjoyment for all readers, it did for me.

That said, this story is hot and there is a little bit of everything for readers wanting a hot read. If you want to read about Nora’s journey in this short read, then this is the one for you. Check it out.

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