No Regrets, No Surrender by Heather Long


No Regrets, No Surrender by Heather Long
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (119 pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Aster

At the end of their night of frenzied passion, Jazz Winters walked away from the only two men who’d ever made her feel like a woman. Logan Cavanaugh and Zach Evans let her go, but only if she swore all her future leaves to them. For fourteen, excruciatingly long months, they’ve waited for her, visiting when they could, but the demands of Mike’s Place only let them go one at a time.

Jazz’s fear that a ménage can’t last a lifetime is founded in her very middle-class, middle-American upbringing. The stress of years of military service in hot zones, combined with life-threatening injuries, pushes her to the edge. When she comes home, she’s the wounded warrior, not the woman she thinks they want. But Zach and Logan are right there to help her, even when she resists.

She’s not alone. And whether she chooses one man or both, they have no regrets and they won’t surrender.

Madame Eve set them up for a night of ecstasy, but can three Marines turn one night into a lifetime?

Because it is the continuation of characters from a 1Night Stand story, No Regrets, No Surrender is an unusual treat. We were introduced to Jazz, Logan and Zach in Retreat, Hell! She just got here! and I fell in love with them right away. Each has their vulnerabilities, as well as their determinations, and their rendezvous was believable and felt very natural.

When I found out there was a longer story involving these three, I jumped at the chance to read it. I love the 1Night Stand series, but each story leaves me wanting more. I was so anxious, in fact, that I did not read the blurb accompanying the book, so I went in with absolutely no expectations. The story was not what I expected.

The three main characters do not disappoint. I still love Jazz, Logan and Zach as much in this tale as in the original. The story is well written, and the changes of points of view helps the reader to connect to all the parties involved. There are two things, however, that keep me from loving this book as much as the first.

Jazz, unfortunately, suffers a traumatic brain injury. My heart bled for Jazz, and the way the author wrote in her point of view – the confusion, repetition, and disorientation – makes the reader appreciate how difficult a time she’s going through. The men were not as sympathetic. Since Logan had also been injured in combat, I had hoped we’d see him help Jazz acclimate using his own experiences. In the same respect, Zach had held Logan’s hand during recovery. He could have added another dimension to the healing process. Instead, it seemed both men had to struggle with their feelings of lust as opposed to their sympathy. I know they had a rather heated sexual relationship, but to believe their feelings went deeper was difficult when their main focus was on how Jazz looked or felt – or how hard she made them. I do believe they loved her, I just wish we would have seen more of the rehab process instead of just the sex.

A lifetime relationship – marriage included – is very difficult to picture with three people. Since both Logan and Jazz have similar battle experiences, including life-altering injuries, they seemed suited to continue a long-term relationship. Added to that, there is a lengthy love scene with only Logan and Jazz, and I ended up thinking Zach was somewhat odd-man out. In a world where the norm is two people, there needed to be more explanation or justification of why these three felt they could sustain for the long haul, despite admitted feelings of jealousy or exclusion.

Regardless of these two objections, I did enjoy spending more time with these three characters, and if they are happy, then I am happy. If you liked Ms. Long’s first foray with Logan, Zach and Jazz, you will definitely want to revisit them in this book!

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