Naughty & Sweet by Megan Slayer

Naughty & Sweet by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: Three stars
Reviewed by Fern

Kelly Fenn came to the Honey Dripper seeking what she thinks is an easy way to make cash to pay off a loan. Martin Malachi is the one man she never expected to find, let alone fall in love with.

Martin’s not looking for a girlfriend, but Kelly needs a job. When he suggests an offer Kelly can’t refuse, she’s got a choice to make. Will she risk her heart for a chance at forever with a man fifteen years her senior, or walk away?

Kelly is looking for some serious money to pay off her loan, and from what she hears stripping is one of the fastest way to make it. When Martin makes her an offer Kelly is tempted enough to take him up on it. Despite the age gap between them is she willing to risk her heart or will she give in and walk away?

I found this to be an interesting short story. While I felt there wasn’t initially really any chemistry between Kelly and Martin I did enjoy the slow burn as they each came to appreciate and grow more attached to each other. While the deal Martin offered Kelly really did seem too good to be true (and needs a healthy dose of suspending logic and disbelief) as a plot device it was great and certainly put both Kelly and Martin exactly in the right positioning for the rest of the story to flow smoothly.

I was pleased with the slower pace of the romance growing between Kelly and Martin – it helped that the author sprinkled in a lot of plot between the three Malachi brothers and let things progress at a more realistic and natural pace. There’s a bit of BDSM and light kink between Kelly and Martin that readers who like their stories a bit on the spicier side should enjoy. I didn’t feel anything too envelope-pushing was included and readers used to modern erotic stories should find it spicy and explicit but not too much.

With an intricate plot and some very sexy shenanigans I found this to be a fun and interesting quick read. I’ll be very interested in the next installment (revolving around another brother, I suspect) and will keep an eye out for it.

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