Mustang Sally by Jane Rylon

Mustang Sally by Jane Rylon
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (175 pages)
Other: M/F/M, M/M, F/M/M, Menage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Two men will give her the ride of her life.

Hot Rods, Book 2

Salome “Sally” Rider is flooring the gas pedal of her pink ’69 Mustang, desperate to outrun the memory of two of her fellow mechanics getting busy with some bar skank on the hood of a classic car. On her custom paint job.

For years her emotions have withered while her lost boys, her Hot Rods, have grown closer than brothers. Maybe some downtime with the Powertools sexperts will help her figure out why Eli and Alanso went looking for some stranger when Sally was waiting right at the ends of their grease-smudged noses.

Sally is dead wrong about what she thought she saw, and Eli “King Cobra” London and the rest of the thoroughly rattled Hot Rods are determined to prove it. They’ll show her in the sexiest possible way that she’s not merely an interchangeable part in their well-oiled machine.

Yet just as Eli gets up the nerve to make a very indecent proposal, a ghost rises from her painful past. Threatening to slam the brakes on their future before they can get it in gear.

Mustang Sally really got my motor running. This is a red hot, steamy sexy book that just about scorched this happy reader’s panties off. Once again, Jane Rylon has knocked my socks off with Mustang Sally, the second book in her fantastic new Hot Rods series.

I loved it! Absolutely no one does polyamorous romance better than Jane Rylon, and this book is just another example of why she is a master at her craft.

So let’s get on with what went down in this book. The story takes off right where book #1, King Cobra, left off. Sally is heartbroken when she stumbles upon her two Hot Rods, Eli and Alonso, getting it on with some chick they’ve picked up. So she takes some time off and visits with the crew from Power Tools (another excellent series from Rylon that you do not want to miss) and gets some advice from her friends about how to handle her men. While she is gone away Eli and Alonso are exploring and enjoying their new relationship. While it is true that the guys are having a lot of fun in the bedroom and everywhere else, they miss Sally and regret that they hurt her. They want another chance with Sally and so do the rest of the Hot Rods crew. The naughty sexy games begin just as soon as their mustang mama gets back home.

OMG! The story really gets racy with Sally’s return. As an avid Rylon fan, I was ready for the fun and games to begin and she definitely did not let me down. The book had lots of kinky games with M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F, some back door action and one heck of a scorching group scene. That one had this reader ready for a cold shower … or a little something else.

As much as I enjoyed all the fun and games that the Hot Rods got up to, the story had a little bit of suspense going on, too. The guys are wanting something more permanent but Sally has been keeping a secret that could ruin their relationship. But Rylon didn’t keep me hanging on too long and I really liked how everything was resolved.

Just so you know, I loved this book. I love the Hot Rods series and I’m eager and ready for the next book. I’m not gonna ruin anyone’s fun, but I’m thinking that I know who is up next. I already know that I’m gonna love it cause Rylon never lets me down. She knows how to write a story that will really get me cranked up and make me happy. This one did and I’m happy to recommend it to those readers who love a racey, scorching story.

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