Muscle For Hire by Lexxie Couper


Muscle For Hire by Lexxie Couper
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (249 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Protecting her was never going to be easy.

Heart of Fame, Book 2

After sixteen years as the personal bodyguard to the world’s biggest rock star, ex-SAS commando Aslin Rhodes excels in the role of intimidating protector, oozing threatening menace. Now that the singer has retired, Aslin takes a new assignment as a military consultant on a blockbuster film. But just as he’s getting comfortable in the world of Hollyweird, he faces an unexpectedly immovable object. An American martial arts expert no taller than his chin, who promptly puts him on his arse.

Rowan Hemsworth’s focus is two-fold—keep her famous brother grounded, and never again be a defenseless victim. She has her hands full as the fun police, keeping her brother’s money-sucking entourage at bay. But nothing prepared her for the British mountain of muscle who makes her knees go uncharacteristically weak.

When a string of accidents on set convinces Aslin that Rowan—not her brother—is the target, things get bloody tricky as he tries to convince the stubborn woman she needs his protection. And accept that she belongs with him. In his arms, in his bed…and in his heart.

What does the bodyguard to one of the most famous rock stars do when that rock star retires to a small town with the love of his life? In Aslin Rhodes’ case, he becomes the military consultant for a big budget action movie. Using his experience to make the film more realistic, he becomes friends with the star, Chris Huntley, and starts to notice that things are happening around him. When the star’s sister, American martial arts expert Rowan Hemsworth, literally knocks Aslin on his behind, he begins to suspect that the ‘accidents’ on set are not actually aimed at Chris, but at Rowan, and he is determined to keep her and her brother safe. Finding a way past Rowan’s considerable defenses and convincing her she is the real target takes all of Aslin’s power of persuasion, and soon, Rowan discovers that there is more to As than meets the eye. Can these two discover who wants Rowan out of the way, and keep brother Chris safe, all while adjusting to the growing attraction blossoming between them? Can this strong and determined man let the woman he wants have the freedom to be what she wants to be, and still bring her to his side?

Muscle for Hire is Lexxie Couper’s latest in her books that revolve around former rock star Nick Blackthorne, first seen in Tropical Sin and followed by Nick’s story in Rhythm of Love. Aslin is Nick’s former bodyguard, and it was just a matter of time before he stepped up and demanded his own story. This story is rich in details, and the characters are well crafted and fully developed. I love this world that Ms. Couper has built, with realism and passion, and just the touch of danger to make things a bit more interesting.

Rowan Hemsworth is a strong and sassy character, talented in her chosen field of martial arts. She doesn’t take nonsense from anyone, and when she believes her brother, the movie star, is in trouble, she is determined to keep him safe. I love Rowan’s loyalty, her determination and her ability to succeed in what is considered a ‘man’s’ sport. I loved it when she literally knocked Aslin on his butt, thinking he was the one endangering Chris. I also loved that she is honest enough to admit when she is wrong, and when Aslin shows her how he feels, she is open and ready to see where it can go.

Aslin Rhodes is strong, steady and used to being in the background. The former SAS commando turned rock star bodyguard has learned to roll with the proverbial punches, and is trying out a new career as military consultant to the movies. I love Aslin, in fact I have waited for his story since I first ‘met’ him as Nick’s bodyguard. He is loyal, dependable and oh so hot. I loved his surprise when Rowan was able to get the drop on him and take him down. He is also smart enough to recognize when he has met his match, and he is determined to make sure nothing happens to her.

Lexxie Couper has written a hot and passionate story, filled with her signature heat, with a thread of danger woven through it. The hidden agenda of the one behind the attempts on Rowan is at once simple, yet convoluted in its scope, and throughout the story, I was kept guessing on who the culprit was up until the last bit. The action is fast paced, the romance is simmering hot, and the sex, when it happens, is off the Richter scale. The happy ever after for Rowan and Aslin is hard won, but it is so worth the trip to get there. This one will warm up the coldest night, and you may need to turn the fan on to keep your cool.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review, Foxglove. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book (pssst, guess whose book is next in the Heart of Fame series?) 🙂

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