Murdock Tackles Taos by Robert J Ray

Murdock Tackles Taos by Robert J Ray
Publisher: Camel Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (352 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Weary but wise private-eye Matt Murdock is back, and he has met his match—a vital and attractive writer and cop’s daughter, Helene Steinbeck. Helene is hiking in the hills of Taos when she happens upon the corpse of a young woman downed by an arrow. Murdock appears on the horizon just in time to prevent a team of archers from using Helene as target practice.

Murdock has been scouring Angel Mountain and vicinity for evidence that will help him discover the whereabouts of Barbi Bellini, the missing daughter of a friend. Now that Helene has stumbled onto the scene, she has no choice but to join Murdock in his search for answers. Drawn to the detective’s integrity and quiet strength, she becomes both his apprentice and his lover. Their quest leads them to a cult of locals whose charismatic leader believes the “weak” are fair game. But this unholy brotherhood is just the poisonous tip of the arrow. The hunters have forged deadly alliances with the rich and powerful of Taos.

Who can Helene and Murdock trust? Will they be able to outthink—and outrun—their many adversaries?

She was not expecting any company on the trail. When a man knocks her down off the trail and onto the body of a dead girl, and then men try to kill her with arrows, she has no idea who he is and isn’t sure she’s going to live long enough to find out!

Mr. Ray’s tale twists and turns and takes you places you don’t even want to know exist. This story shows a slice of the ugly part of the world right here in the states. Taos is a beautiful part of New Mexico, well-known for its skiing venue and collection of artists. It’s north of Santa Fe and still reminds you of when the Indians lived in the area. It’s also secluded enough to allow this sort of crime to function.

Helene and Murdock hit if off well together. He’s looking for a missing girl and wants her help in the search. She’s bored and not happy with someone trying to kill her so she’s up for it. They never travel the same way twice, do a lot of hiking and the more they look, the harder the killers try to take them out. The pace is fast, I was beginning to worry if either one would make it out alive, and the conspiracy they were investigating made me angry. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for men who have lots of money and misconstrued concepts of what makes one manly.

I won’t be able to forget this book, and in many ways it horrified me. The world can be an ugly place, but the person who organized this “circle” of men was really nuts. I’m glad the book was fiction. You can safely say that Mr. Ray got my attention and kept it. I read this story in one sitting because it captured my interest and I had to see how it would it turn out.

The most ironic line in the book is the very last line in the book. If you didn’t get it until then, you won’t be able to ignore it after reading that line. There are others in this series, so you might want at the beginning and watch Murdock grow to become what he is. He’s dangerous, but so is his quarry. Go ahead, get a copy and read it. You won’t be bored.


  1. I’m glad that you got what this novel is about. I read it a couple of times just to see how the author was laying down the clues for us to folllow. That last line is the corker. Very cool

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