Miss Darcy Decides by Reina M. Williams

Miss Darcy Decides by Reina M. Williams
A Pride and Prejudice Novella-Love at Pemberley Book 2
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (78 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

While visiting a young woman—who was not so fortunate as Miss Georgiana Darcy in escaping the persuasions of a rogue—Georgiana meets Sir Camden Sutton, whose reputation causes Georgiana to wonder as to his motives. Her wondering soon turns to a different feeling when Sir Camden comes to stay at Pemberley, showing himself to be a very different man than was rumored. While Sir Camden struggles with his past and his commitment to his future, as well as the ill intentions of haughty Caroline Bingley, Miss Darcy must decide whether to listen to others, or the words written on her heart.

Georgiana’s heart nearly betrayed her once. Can she ever trust it again?

Georgiana made a mistake in the past by nearly falling prey to Wickham’s advances. The experience definitely left a mark on Georgiana, and she is determined not to make the same mistake again. Georgiana could have let anger and bitterness consume her, but Georgiana has chosen a different path. She isn’t actively seeking out romance, but I like that she hasn’t closed herself off from the possibility of falling in love either. What makes Georgiana even more likable is the fact that she cares deeply for all her friends and family. Her concern for Lizzy and her unborn child is particularly touching.

When Sir Camden enters her life, Georgiana is understandably skeptical. His reputation is definitely tarnished. However, I am pleased to note that Georgiana is a smart woman who thinks for herself. She doesn’t blindly accept gossip. She gives Camden a chance to prove what kind of man he is before making up her mind about him.

Ms. Williams paced the relationship between Georgiana and Camden very well. Camden and Georgiana first became friends, but it wasn’t long until they found themselves falling in love. Their interactions always felt very natural and relaxed, even with Georgiana’s protective big brother, Mr. Darcy, scowling at them on occasion.

I do think that the problem involving Caroline Bingley was resolved too quickly. Caroline certainly has the potential to cause a lot of problems for Camden and Georgiana, but the whole thing was resolved in just a few paragraphs. If that complication had been teased out a bit more, it would have added just a dash of suspense to the tale.

I truly enjoyed reading Miss Darcy Decides. Georgiana is a lovely young woman, and she and Camden make a great couple. It was a pleasure watching their romance bloom. Fans of sweet historical romance should certainly give Miss Darcy Decides a try.

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