Mine by Sam Crescent

Mine by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (124 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Daisy wants his sister’s best friend, Maria. She wants him to give her a chance to prove that she could be everything he wants. Can she handle the fact he wants to be in control of everything?

Maria’s tired of making the decisions. She yearns for a man who’ll love her, protect her, and stay faithful to her. She knows she’s different, but she can be everything Daisy needs.

Taking time away from the club, Daisy gives them a chance to see if Maria can give him what he wants, but also to show her he’s the kind of man she craves. They’re two unlikely souls that are destined to be together. Their time together shows that, and love blooms more powerfully than either could imagine.

However, when Maria tells him the truth about the pain his sister experienced, their peace comes crashing down around them. How can he trust Maria when she kept Beth’s secret from him? What will happen when Daisy goes after the man who violated his sister?

Is there any way these two, being so very different, can find love?

Sam Crescent did not disappoint with this book and it came as no surprise to me that I loved every bit of Daisy and Maria’s story.

Some things remained the same in this one, although the main characters were unique in their personalities. Daisy was a man who needed to be in complete control but he was also incredibly sweet and romantic. Maria had been in love with Daisy forever and it was just fine with her if he wanted to take control of her. She still stood up for herself though and I liked that the author took some time building their relationship.

This story was centered around Daisy and Maria, and the usual suspenseful drama was minimal. That being said the plot was well crafted and had a couple of side stories that were intricately woven into the thick of things. There was some family drama as the club goes through some growing pains and a promising conflict for Matthew and Luna, and for Knuckles and Beth. All this means is more great books to come from the Trojans MC.

This book was an easy read that left me looking forward to whatever Sam Crescent comes up with next.

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