Marriage, Las Vegas Style by Terry Spear

Marriage, Las Vegas Style by Terry Spear
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (145 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Marcy Taylor wants a divorce, but she doesn’t want her husband to go after the family fortune, so she’s trying to do this the easy way, no fuss, no muss.

The only problem is Michael Lindquist doesn’t have a wife, and he’s sure she’s running a scam to try to get his family’s fortune!

It all began in Las Vegas when Marcy threw caution to the wind. Boy, was that a mistake. Twenty-five thousand dollars richer with a husband to boot and one powerful hangover, she’s got to right the wrong.

Now that Michael has a wife he doesn’t know he had, he’s not at all sure he wants to lose her. At least until he can unravel the mystery about her. And that’s how the roller coaster ride all began.

Mix a little alcohol with a mini rebellion, add in a Las Vegas preacher and poor decisions are a guarantee, right? Probably happens in many cases, but not in Marriage, Las Vegas Style. The heroine’s impulsive and drink induced moment of love at first sight makes for a real romance – too bad the hero can’t remember it.

The story has a few dilemmas to solve. First, have the hero remember his wife; second, help the hero’s father get a divorce; third, get the heroine’s father to see the light; fourth, and the biggie, fall in love all over again – sober. Talk about an ambitious book!

What the list doesn’t say is how much fun is in the process of fulfilling all four goals. There are quite a few moments of hilarity which made reading a treat. Brief appearances by Andy, Tomas and Rob enhance the story and a meeting of father and daughter ups the emotional suspense and introduces a pivotal moment of tension. There is even a surprise twist that makes things all work out. Imagine that!

I enjoyed the dynamics between Michael and Marcy. I liked watching them rediscover the very things that attracted both of them to each other initially but now they experience the courtship with clarity and assurance that the previous encounter surely didn’t have. The beginning of their relationship may have seemed like a fairy tale gone awry but their reality is much more convoluted, difficult and filled with unexpected hurdles. One of which is, Marcy decides she wants a divorce. Now how in the world is Michael going to deal with that just when he gets used to having a wife? I enjoyed the entire progression and I was greatly entertained. Ultimately, the happy ever after is reached and I liked the idea of the story coming full circle. Nice touch.

Most of the resolving of the dilemmas came about in a mostly logical process that I could accept. What I found hard to swallow was the 180 degree turn Marcy’s father took at the end. It was too convenient and rather anticlimactic. I mean, they meet and now everything is hunky dory, let bygones be bygones and no repercussions mentioned and no real apology issued? Seriously? And now it’s all okay? It was too saccharine for me to deal with. I’m happy for Marcy and Michael but that whole scene sort of fell flat for me. The other ‘mostly logical’ fix is in the form of using someone to make someone else see the light. I’m not too sure if a husband would be that completely clueless and the fact that the plan practically went off without a hitch, except for the unexpected escape, seems again, too perfect. I don’t think any human being can plan a devious solution quite like Marcy did and have it go their way. It just didn’t jive with me. The one good thing though, is that there were no loose ends. The author tied everything up in a nice little multihued bow.

Marriage, Las Vegas Style is a light, whimsical and enjoyable read. It’s not heavy or filled with too much angst so it’s the perfect book to read for a bit of romance and lighthearted fare. I think readers will enjoy the experience. There’s a lot to like and Marcy and Michael are actually very good together. Try it and see for yourself.

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