Lovely Digits by Jeanine Englert

Lovely Digits by Jeanine Englert
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full length (210 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

When two murders strike the sleepy Victorian town of Clun, England, an unlikely partnership forms. But can the killer be found before there is a third?

Lovely Digits is the town oddity . . .

Quirky spinster Lucy Wycliffe prefers to ignore gossip and embrace her position as the town’s layer out of the dead, despite how her parents’ deaths thrust her into such unlikely work. Lovely Digits, as she’s known to the local townspeople, no longer dreams of marriage, but takes pride in providing dignity to the dead. Desperate to hold on to her family’s cottage and support her widowed sister and young niece, an unexpected offer of employment as assistant to the constable arrives at the perfect time.
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Former sailor John Brodie is the mysterious new constable . . .

John Brodie is far from a stranger to Clun or the events of its past. Accepting the position as constable in the small town is a double-edged sword meant to heal his past and redeem his future. Falling for the beautiful and intelligent Lucy Wycliffe was never part of his plan.

As the killer closes in, will John reveal his secret and risk losing everything to save Lucy’s life?

This book certainly started off with shock value that captured my interest. I can honestly say the suspense/mystery had me riveted and turning the pages until the very end. The plot was rather unique and the cast of characters were well established. The romance was well written, sweet and endearing.

The suspenseful plot had me flipping the pages perhaps too fast because I do believe I might have missed something. The title of the book is what the townsfolk called the heroine, Lucy. I don’t know why she was called that. I tried to google “Lovely Digits” to see if it was a well known phrase or cliche but I was unable to find any meaning to the words. Therefore I conclude that I missed something. Although, I re-read page twelve and two hundred and twenty four where she was referred to as “Lovely Digits” and I didn’t see an explanation. I share all this to give a full disclosure that I was slightly distracted during my reading trying to understand why she was called that. It’s my OCD to details that makes this worth mentioning for I truly wonder why she was called “Lovely Digits”.

Having said that, I must state how much I enjoyed the unpredictability provided by the surprised plot twists. The hero, John, could hardly keep up with the turn of events. I know I was out of breath reading each new development.

John and Lucy made a great couple but better partners in solving the mystery. I’m glad things all worked out in the end. I appreciate how the ending provided a solid closure. I’d recommend this book if you are interested in a sweet romance with relatable characters and a suspenseful mystery.

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