Love Me a Little by Avery Easton

Love Me a Little by Avery Easton
Publisher: Uncial Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Heartbroken, Evie O’Hara is trying to move on after her world was changed by a tragic accident. She seeks comfort in her favorite showtunes, sung by her one-time Broadway crush. Although fiercely protective of his privacy, stage and screen star Ethan Carter is lonely. Happy enough with his career and his dog, he still feels an emptiness in his life.

When her best friend gifts her with a weekend trip to New York to see Ethan perform, Evie is thrilled when he singles her out of the crowd. For the first time in over a year, she feels almost…happy. And while inviting a fan backstage, even a pretty one, isn’t what Ethan would normally do, something tells him that Evie is different.

They spend an idyllic, passionate weekend together, forging a deep connection. Neither is ready to say goodbye forever. The odds seem against them as they battle Ethan’s enthusiastic, often intrusive, fans, the hundreds of miles between them, and Evie’s fear of risking her heart again. But if the magic of that first wonderful weekend can endure, theirs could be a love that hits the right note–a love that lasts forever.

If a reader is looking for a tender, poignant yet charming and engaging romance story, then definitely give this book consideration. The pace flows well, the story is easy to read, and there is an excellent balance of dialogue and storytelling. Love Me a Little is told through two points of view, Evie’s and Ethan’s.

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Ethan is a surprise. He’s presented as a rich, talented, good looking singer who seems to have the Midas Touch – he’s successful with anything he does. The author makes it clear that he works hard to get where he is, but he is also at a pivotal moment in his life. Fame has its downsides and what he needs is balance. But where can he find it, and what will it look like? The most endearing and cute thing about him is his puppy. The author shared just enough for me to get the impression that Ethan really adores his furry buddy.

Ms. Easton’s writing is able to capture the nuances of emotion and paints them with words so readers get the feeling they’re experiencing them too. The breathless anticipation, the yearning and the joys of discovering they are more than physically compatible – it’s off the charts fantastic. Yes, the bedroom door is open but it’s not described like a reader is standing over them, giving a narration of details. No, I found just enough to be happy they had such wonderful satisfying sparks between them. I was happy that they were happy.

The conflict is basic. Can she get beyond her loss and grab the promise of a future filled with love? Can Ethan trust that their budding relationship is strong enough to trust her with his secrets? That what he feels is real and could it survive long distances and separation? Do they each feel for each other what they think they feel for the other? Such basic, human questions that if answered correctly can lead to a happiness only found in movies.

I should give warning – there are tears. Not mine though. No. The characters experience a catharsis or two and with emotions that passionate and deep, tears are a release and part of the healing.

I didn’t get all the movie lines in the book but I totally got the Horatio Alger reference. It was quite clever of the author; being able to weave quotes throughout the dialogue as part of the dialogue. It was fun.

The story wraps up with not only an HEA for Evie but for Danny too. I am enchanted with how upbeat, positive, romantic and tender this novel is and heartily recommend this book to anyone looking for a well told, feel-good romance.

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