Love Games by Eden Scott

Love Games by Eden Scott
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (65 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Technology-challenged historian Regis is on a mission of mercy: his miserably pregnant cousin, Penny, needs a diversion and the only thing that will satisfy is the latest version of a video game, Dead Knights at Castle Kill.

When Regis braves the aisles of a video game retailer, he’s swept off his feet by Mars, the tall, dark, and gorgeous salesclerk who works there. But there’s very little chance that such a savvy gamer would ever notice a man who can barely use his computer.

Deciding the obvious solution is to fake it, Regis enlists the aid of his cousin to convince Mars he’s a high-level gamer. The plan works perfectly right up until Mars invites him to a prestigious gaming conference, where even Regis’s high IQ isn’t enough to fake his way through dozens of real gamers—and will definitely cost him the man he’s been lying to the whole time.

Regis McHale is doing his cousin a favour. Seriously pregnant and desperate to start the new masters level of her favourite computer game, he promises to pick her up a copy on his way home from work. While at his local games store, he meets Mars, one of the technical support people and one hunk of a guy. Sparks fly and Regis feels they’re both really into each other. The only difficulty Regis has is that he doesn’t play video games. Ever. In the interests of getting to know Mars better, however, he’s more than willing to make an exception.

This is a lighthearted, fun short story. I found Regis to be a delightful character and enjoyed seeing him try to hook Mars. The whole story read like a really fun antic to me – the dusty history professor tries to become a cool and edgy gamer boy sat really well with me. The author is to be commended to my mind, they made the whole tale feel like an adventure. Even though Regis tells quite a few fibs – embellishing his non-existent gamer skills – I still never really felt as though he was being deceitful to Mars. Regis acted like himself, told the truth whenever he could manage it, he simply pretended to be a lot better at computer games than he really was. I fully credit the author’s writing style and the overall feeling of lightheartedness for making this “deception” completely palatable to me. There is an excellent skill to make me as a reader feel as if while Regis clearly wasn’t being truthful, neither did I feel as if he lied as such.

Clearly this is an M/M romance story, but while there is plenty of chemistry and a few hot kisses, there is only the one fully consummated scene. While explicit, there is not an over-abundance of description here. The bedroom door is left open, but I didn’t feel the scene was dragged out or overly dwelled upon. Romance reads who aren’t upset by a M/M romance and enjoy some spice in their stories should be well satisfied with this single scene. There is a great twist at the end – one I saw coming but still had a lovely chuckle over nevertheless, and I was left with a strong sense of satisfaction.

A fun, happy story about two men meeting each other and starting a wonderful relationship together. Recommended.

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