Land Of Enchantment by Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga

Land Of Enchantment by Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga
Publisher: Tygerseye Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

What if you had to leave everything behind to find your way home?

Opposites definitely attract, but can an east coast kid on the run and a southwest rodeo cowboy learn to speak the same language, let alone learn to trust each other?

When Mason Wild has to get out of Jersey fast, he heads west without a plan or a penny to his name. Luckily he finds a job with a roofing company run by a rodeo cowboy who’s kind, easy to work for, and even with his jaw wired shut, hotter than July in the high desert.

Bull rider Levi Yost knows what it’s like to be down on his luck. He’s not much older than Mason, but he’s been around the block a few times–or at least around the rodeo arena. He takes a chance on Mason, giving him a job and a place to live on his ranch. The two of them discover a surprising amount of common ground, but trouble has a way of finding each of them. Mason has to decide whether to trust Levi with his past, and Levi has to come to terms with the fact that he’s not just riding out for himself anymore.

On the run and having been on the road for a while, Mason is hungry and pretty desperate for some steady work when he finally gets some luck while hitchhiking out in the desert. Levi takes a step of faith and hires Mason onto his regular crew doing some roofing work and quickly both men realize they can truly trust each other in all the important ways.

I really enjoyed this full length cowboy story and loved the slow, emotional pace. From the start it’s clear that Mason has more than a few secrets and is in dire need of people he can trust and who will do right by him. Levi, also, is recovering from a bad fall while rodeoing and I loved how the longer length of the story let the two men ease into a true and deep relationship. While sexy and hot, I loved how the co-authors took their time to let the two men learn and trust each other first. This really helped me as a reader get a good feel for them both and get excited as they trusted each other inch by inch.

With a few really strong secondary characters I loved how Mason in particular flourished after he found his feet. The pace around the reader learning his backstory was lovely, snippets here and there that added up into an interesting and intense sub-plot around where and what Mason had left behind him. Levi also was a delight, and once we finally get back onto the rodeo circuit with him I loved how the reader could see it all fresh and learn through Mason’s eyes. Personally I have zero knowledge about real cowboying and rodeos (short of what you’d see on tv) so I loved how much detail and authentic description the co-authors added into the story without it feeling like a massive info-dump. I loved these scenes and felt they really added hugely to the story as a whole.

While it took a while for the plot (both Mason’s past to return and Levi to realize maybe his time for being on the rodeo circuit was a limited thing) to really blossom and come to fruition but I didn’t mind this at all as the growing relationship between Levi and Mason was given ample time to really come around and not be rushed. This book is really like a lovely long, slow drop and I adored this pace.

Readers eager for a character-centric story with vibrant and different characters, plenty of hard work, desert settings and authentic cowboys along with some complicated personal plot-lines and a loving and emotional, deep M/M romance should find this story really fits the bill. I loved this story and can’t wait to reread it again soon. Recommended.

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