In Name Only by Sarita Leone

In Name Only by Sarita Leone
A Willowbrook Manor Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (201 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

With an ill father and an insane brother, heiress Lucie Gregory’s options are limited. When a handsome duke proposes a marriage of convenience, she must accept.

After all, Willowbrook Manor and her family’s reputation are at stake.

Can Lucie learn to love a stranger?

Lucie’s dilemma is distressing. One moment she’s a relatively carefree young woman enjoying the events of the season, and the next she’s seriously contemplating marriage to a man she’s only met a few times. I think that Lucie handled the abrupt change of her circumstances very well. She certainly is entitled to a long, hard cry, but she is determined to do what she can for her family. Fortunately, Lucie’s situation isn’t quite as dire as it seems. Nick, her new husband, is well known to her parents, and he and Lucie quickly build a wonderful rapport. As I watched them get to know each other, it was fun to watch the chemistry between them slowly build. When Lucie and Nick are married, his only request is that she be completely honest with him always. Can Lucie open her heart to Nick, or will she doom them to a polite marriage of convenience?

While I thought In Name Only was fun and pleasant, I must admit that I found the characters in this tale to be too perfect. None of the major characters had any serious flaws. The one character that did have some serious personal issues was kept behind the scenes for most of the story. I think that many of the characters in this story had great potential, but without some flaws, they didn’t quite come to life in my mind.

Overall, I liked In Name Only. Lucie is likable and her quiet strength is admirable. Her happy ending is well deserved. I recommend In Name Only to anyone looking for a sweet, historical romance

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