Impulse by Debra Webb

Impulse by Debra Webb
Publisher: Grand Central
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (368 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Cholla

Her nightmare isn’t over yet . . .

The Player is a master in the art of torture and murder. No one had ever gotten close to capturing him until Special Agent Jess Harris targeted him with her relentless determination. Jess’s actions may have cost her a job with the bureau, but the Player still wants his vengeance and he’ll make Jess pay in ways she never imagined. The first victim is Jess’s friend-and the killer won’t stop there. With each new death Jess becomes more certain that the only way to stop the Player is to give him what he really wants: her.

Chief of Police Dan Burnett is determined to give Jess her confidence and her life back. With an offer on the table, a position as deputy chief of a new division, can Jess risk staying in her hometown and putting those around her in more danger? Or will she walk away to protect everyone she loves-including Dan, who just may want her back in his arms? The stakes are high, and a single impulse will determine who survives the Player’s final, deadly game . . .

They solved the case, all five girls were returned home alive and relatively unharmed. Jess Harris thinks she has time to take a breath, relax for a moment, gather her thoughts, but she’s wrong. The Player has been watching her – and her newfound teammates – and has been plotting. When Detective Lori Wells disappears, Jess realizes that the game has only just begun and that the Player isn’t so easily fooled.

This second installment in the Faces of Death series kicks off with a bang. Picking up only hours after Obsession ended, Impulse keeps the rapid pace set in the first novel and then ratchets it up. As much as I enjoyed Obsession, this second novel was even better.

Jess Harris has been through hell and back lately and it’s only about to get worse. Being targeted by a suspected serial killer can’t be fun. I do have to say that her character was much more approachable in this installment and I really grew to sympathize with her, which was a good thing. She did what she had to still, but came across as much more relatable this time around.

Dan Burnett, Birmingham Police Chief, has only one concern and that is keeping Jess safe. Even when it antagonizes her to no end, he still puts her safety before his own. I like Dan a lot and really enjoyed the brief bit of relationship development you get between them. I really hope that they work on it more throughout the next few novels as they make a great couple. Each is strong and independent, capable of being on their own, but they each also have their own little weaknesses that the other needs to attend to.

Oddly enough, I think my favorite character in this novel was the bad guy – The Player. Sophisticated, reserved, and thoroughly evil, he fascinated me and, to a point, charmed me. He is definitely the character I want to know more about, especially his motive in doing what he does.

Impulse was a wild ride of twists and unexpected turns that kept me reading long after I knew I should have stopped. Although part of the ending was a touch predictable, I understand why it went the way it did. Despite that, this was a highly enjoyable, completely engaging thriller that thrilled me to my toes. Highly recommended to any lover of intense, sometimes graphic thrillers.

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