I Am One with the Universe by Kyra Kalweit and Dayán Mantecón Roldán

I Am One with the Universe by Kyra Kalweit and Dayán Mantecón Roldán
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Genre: Children’s
Rated: 5 stars
Review by Rose

This children’s book teaches young readers to reflect on a simple yet profound message: We are all connected to everything we see and experience in this world. The essence of God is within each one of us and in everything we see, touch, feel, taste and dream about.
With rhyme and playful illustrations, I Am One with the Universe will help children realize their unity with all things and that they are not separate from God or anyone else.

What a beautifully written story that’s perfect for early readers or for parents to read with the children. The illustrations are eye-catching; the rhythm and rhyming of the text make this a fun book to read aloud.

A wonderful way of showing children (and parents) how closely everything in the world is connected.

Definitely recommended for all families with young children.

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  1. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Bea LaRocca says

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of I Am One with the Universe, this sounds like a great book to share with my grandchildren

  3. The book sounds wonderful. Great cover.

  4. Sounds like a good read.

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