The Children by Jonathan Janz

The Children by Jonathan Janz
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure, Horror
Length: Short Story (96 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Peaceful Valley is about to become a slaughterhouse!

Jesse thinks he’s caught a break when he, the girl of his dreams, and her friend are assigned by their newspaper to cover the opening weekend of the Peaceful Valley Nature Preserve, a sprawling, isolated state park. But the construction of the park has stirred an evil that has lain dormant for nearly a century, and the three young people—as well as every man, woman, and child unlucky enough to be attending the grand opening—are about to encounter the most horrific creatures to ever walk the earth. A species so ferocious that Peaceful Valley is about to be plunged into a nightmare of bloodshed and damnation.

In part one of the Savage Species series, Jesse, Emma and Colleen, a young group of newspaper writers were on site to write about the opening of the newly constructed Peaceful Vally Nature Preserve Park. While there interviewing the local residence they are invaded by inhuman monsters. Charly is at her wits end with her husband and then she finds one of the monsters has taken her son from his room.

Part two picks up with Jesse, Colleen and Professor Clevenger in a grisly fight for their lives. They’ve left the playground and found the creatures were even worse at the RV site. They load up the truck but can’t leave until they find Emma. Dead bodies are piling up. A war between humans and monsters is in full effect. Janz continues his awesome detailed description of the fight to get away from these mystery killer monsters.  For a bit, the shooting and killing seemed to go on forever, almost to the point of over doing it. Then finally they pack into a white Buick with monsters chasing behind them as they head to Red Elk’s place looking for a possible escape.

The story also continues with Sam and Charly both have made a plan to go look for Charly’s son. Eric Florence, Charly’s husband, sees Eric and Charly and decides to follow them.

Janz makes the reader feel as if they are actually in the middle of the terror. The second installment in the Savage Species series, The Children continues on to be a darkly intriguing mystery. It is a good read and Janz definitely has a talent for being creative and delivering an extremely visual setting, but I do have to point out a few things that I found irritating. In the mist of death, horror and running for their life they find time to discuss soft porn, and Emma’s push-up bra. I am not sure what is going on with Charly hearing her mother-in-law’s voice in her head and the same for Sam. He is hearing his dad’s voice in his head.

Be mindful the mystery won’t be resolved in this installment. I was left with questions as to where the blood thirsty monsters are from and why are they all of a sudden attacking? And will anyone survive this savage terror?  So you know what that means…..yes I will be starting the next portion of the series right away!

Join me in grabbing a copy of Dark Zone to see what happens when Eric finds Charly and Sam together and will Red Elk be able to lead the group to safety.


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