Evil and the Details by Roy A. Teel, Jr.

Evil and the Details by Roy A. Teel, Jr.
Publisher: Narroway Publishing, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery, Horror
Length: Full Length (171 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

There’s a scourge on the streets of Los Angeles. A serial killer is stalking, capturing, torturing, and killing young teenage boys. FBI Profilers Special Agent Steve Hoffman and Special Agent John Swenson are working with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective Jim O’Brian to catch this elusive killer. However, with each turn the investigation takes into the murders, the more puzzling they become. The deeper the investigation goes, the darker the soul of its source. It’s a race against not only time; it is also a race against The Iron Eagle, who they all know is working to unravel the mystery and capture the killer. Who will solve the crimes and end the terror? Only time will tell.

I was breathlessly horrified while reading this gripping tale of serial killers being hunted down and brought to justice. The F.B.I. and the Sheriff’s detective are scrambling to find and stop these monsters but they just don’t have the abilities that a certain Iron Eagle has. A reader gets to see more in depth of the man and the vigilante and find that he’s a very complicated human indeed.

It took a little while for the story to gel, at least it did for me. Even after saying that, the chapters flew by until I got to the chapter where the author truly laid the trap of intrigue, and I was completely hooked. Understand something; every single clue and killer that is revealed in the beginning leads to the big kahuna. It’s like tributaries that lead to a waterfall, seemingly innocuous as they merge into the big water system that goes over a huge cliff that shocks and awes a viewer. That is what is in store for a reader when they delve into Evil and the Details.
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Mr. Teel spends some time on character growth with each individual protagonist. I felt bad for Steve on his loss, I was entertained by the very unique relationship between Jim and his wife, and I was intrigued with how Sara and John’s relationship is developing, especially with how the first book ended. I advise readers to read Rise of the Iron Eagle first in order to understand how Sara could do the things she did in this book because its born from what happened to her in the previous.

Once again, the author takes a reader into the minds of killers. I was dragged through the mire of some very deviant murders and it bothers me that it’s always the young and vulnerable that seem to attract the worst of the worst. That is, until one of the bad guys makes a fatal mistake with one of his victims; that is the turning point. People around me could hear me gasping and I’m sure my face was making some YouTube worthy expressions because parts in the book got positively gruesome. It needs to be in order for the Iron Eagle to get involved and he gets involved in a huge way. The scenes with Marker made me cringe. I had to take a small break after that, but I couldn’t stay away. Where were the clues leading? And, how in the world does a bakery and baking mixes fit in? Readers are going to get a shocker from the solving of that mystery. Brace yourselves.

The author switched gears towards the end of the book and sort of narrated things a bit. True, I was glad to hear the facts without all the descriptions that otherwise might have been needed to get it all told thereby bogging down the pace of the conclusion. But then, Mr. Teel went back into action mode and produced a prologue for the next book. Obviously, the tables are about to be turned on the Iron Eagle if that scene was anything to judge by, but again, the author seems to relish the idea of making his readers squirm. The last few paragraphs were horrific. Definitely I’ll be rooting for the Iron Eagle to clean up this mess too.

One thing that stood out for me was Sara’s question to John. I was actually wondering about that myself. The author handled that in a creepy yet hard-hitting and honest manner. Seeing John transition, and the words the author used to describe it, and the dialogue that occurred during those moments, was masterful and extremely well done. It sent shivers up my spine because I could easily envision it. That truly made an impact on me.

Evil and the Details isn’t an easy read, but it’s a must read. If a reader has read the first book, then they won’t be disappointed with this one. John is even more interesting, convoluted and intriguing than he was in the first story. In this novel, a reader sees a more human side and validation that he never truly loses his humanity even when he’s involved in inhuman actions. He’s a robot in the field but his humanity doesn’t have a complete off switch and for that I was very grateful. Now Sara on the other hand, she is a character I need to watch. I question what is happening to her psychologically. I think those that read this book might see what I saw and will understand why I am wondering about her. I’m hoping I’m wrong because I think the Iron Eagle needs her. I need her. I like her in the story with him.

For fans of this genre, Evil and the Details is a must read. The mystery and suspense make it hard to put down, and the only reason to stop is to catch your breath. This is a hard hitting mystery for adults who like their stories with a sharp edge. Beware, this one cuts.


  1. Amazing storyteller…can’t put his books down!

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