Honor Among Thieves by Elizabeth Boyce

Honor Among Thieves by Elizabeth Boyce
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (203 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Grave robbing ain’t no job for a lady…

To pay off her recently deceased brother’s debts, however, Lorna Robbins must take drastic measures. When she happens upon a resurrectionist gang stealing his corpse, she does the unthinkable and joins the criminal outfit to save her family estate and her younger sibling. For the first time in her lonely, duty-driven life, Lorna finds herself leading a treacherous and exciting double existence. By day, she becomes a popular lady of the ton, relying on society gossip to help her body-snatching gang. By night, she becomes the grave robber known only as the Blackbird.

Surgeon and anatomy teacher Brandon Dewhurst relies on resurrectionists to bring him the specimens he needs to further his research on pregnancy. When his usual suppliers become unreliable, and then downright sinister, he’s reluctantly drawn further into the black market. As Lorna and Brandon both target the same body—a pregnant woman who is still very much alive—they find themselves powerfully drawn together time and again while trying to maintain their own respectable facades. But this daring duo is courting danger, and romance is a complication neither can afford.

The grisly business of grave robbers, who are called resurrectionists, permeates Honor Among Thieves. My curiosity about how romance could possibly survive in such an environment kept me reading fast and turning pages.

Lorna Robbins finds herself in the middle of the resurrectionists’ business as she tries to save her seven-year-old brother’s inheritance. The Crib Cross Gang, resurrectionists, makes her one of their group and give her the nickname “Blackbird.” She is a valuable addition to their gang.

Brandon Dewhurst, a doctor who saw too much death in the war, has a difficult time with the procuring of fresh bodies for research. But he sees the value of what is gained from dissecting, examining, and recording the findings for the advancement of medical knowledge that will help doctors learn more about how to treat future patients.

Neither Lorna nor Brandon like the position they are put in. Yet, each of them perseveres as a means to an end. As they deal with Society, friends, resurrectionists, and lurking danger, love slips in, ignoring the gruesomeness that assaults the senses in the scenes that deal with dead bodies and the rivalry among grave robbing gangs.

The love scenes take the reader where the senses are heightened in a very different way. Also, the scenes with friends, both new and old, reveal very different facets of Brandon and Lorna. Their true personalities seem to surface.

How Elizabeth Royce weaves together gruesome dealings, mores of early nineteenth century England, along with loyalty, and love, in order to create a love story with a happy-ever-after, makes unusual, interesting reading.

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