Hollywood Endings by Liza Malloy

Hollywood Endings by Liza Malloy
Publisher: Teal Street Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Is happily-ever-after only in the movies?

When Courtney Robbins moves to California, she isn’t looking for love, fame, or fortune. She’s focused on earning her law degree and advocating for victims of domestic violence. After a chance encounter with actor Justin Erikson, Courtney decides to spice up her life with a steamy fling. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but Courtney quickly learns there is more to Justin than his perfectly chiseled body, piercing blue eyes and adorable dimples. He’s sensitive, thoughtful, and generous. Still, Courtney is hesitant to ponder a future with a Hollywood heartthrob.

As Courtney graduates law school and begins her dream job, Justin’s career thrives. But as the passion between Justin and Courtney intensifies, Justin struggles to shelter Courtney from the paparazzi and is haunted by his own reputation as a womanizer. Just when Courtney starts to think that she can have it all—an idyllic romance and the perfect job—a tabloid rumor threatens both of their careers. As their two worlds continue to clash, they must decide what price they are willing to pay to stay together.

Pick this book up with a pot holder! It’s a sizzler for sure. Absolutely delicious!
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Who hasn’t imagined what it would be like to fall in love with someone famous? I know I have and after reading the synopsis, I knew I had to give this book a chance.

The first page captured my interest making me laugh at myself. I have walked up to a couple of celebrities and asked for their autograph. Without spoiling anything, the heroine, Courtney, and her friends were very relatable to me for we shared the same celebrity stalking trait. Though Courtney could really care less because she was committed to getting her law degree.

The hero, Justin Erikson, was slow to grow on me but eventually was irresistible. The story gives the reader what I imagine is a realistic idea what it must be like to be famous with the paparazzi always following you. I honestly don’t think I’d like it. Courtney brought the reader through the ups and downs of dating a movie star.

I actually nanny for someone who is considered important to some people but to me he’s just a human. He lives and breathes like the rest of us. He’s just “dad” to the little girl that I nanny for. I see how others respond to him and it’s silly to me. That’s exactly like Courtney’s attitude regarding Erikson. She sees him for his characteristics.

Together as a couple the chemistry they shared was really spicy. I definitely needed some omeprazole. The plot pulled on my heartstrings many times more for Courtney than it did for Justin however I had many feel good moments. They made for an entertaining couple.

I do need to note that the ending was abrupt. I’ve given that much thought and I have to say it was justified. There was so much back and forth that it seemed appropriate to have the impact of a heavy door closed quickly. I was satisfied with the happily ever after. There weren’t any loose strings. I can’t say that the book was unpredictable but I can say that it was delectable. Hollywood Endings was a fun read.

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