*Hollyland by Patricia Leavy

*Hollyland by Patricia Leavy
Publisher: She Writes Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Women’s fiction
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

What happens when a seemingly ordinary woman with a passion for the arts falls in love with a Hollywood star known for his bachelor status and quick temper with the paparazzi? Something extraordinary.

Dee Schwartz is a writer and arts researcher. Ryder Field is a famous actor descended from Hollywood royalty. On the night they meet outside a bar, their connection is palpable. Ryder’s mother—legendary actress Rebecca Field, half of Hollywood’s golden couple when she died—was kidnapped and murdered by a crazed fan in a shocking event that forever tarnished Tinseltown. Dee’s mother, too, died when she was young. Bonded by this loss, the two embark on a love story that explores their search for magic—or “gold dust”—in their lives. Everything changes, however, when Dee mysteriously disappears after an awards ceremony. Is history repeating itself? Can there truly be a happily ever after in Hollywood?

Set against the backdrop of contemporary Los Angeles, Hollyland is a poignant novel that moves fluidly between romance, humor, suspense, and joy.

Hollyland is a Hollywood romance story about Ryder and Dee. Ryder and Dee meet and instantly fall for each other, even though they come from completely different worlds. Dee is an academic who lives her life quietly and in her head. Ryder is a famous actor who comes from Hollywood royalty and he lives his life on the pages of newspapers and magazines.

I love romance stories about Hollywood and was excited to read this one. Although the dialogue was a little cheesy at times, I still enjoyed Ryder and Dee’s story. I loved the way Ryder treated Dee and their story stole my heart.


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