His Tempting Governess by Cerise DeLand

His Tempting Governess by Cerise DeLand
Book 2 in Delightful Doings in Dudley Crescent
Publisher: W.J.Power
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (228 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

A bemused earl. A governess disguised. A forbidden love and a terrible wrong that must be made right!

At No.18, Baldwin Summers, the Earl of Cartwell, deals with innumerable problems. At thirty-six, he’s changed. He’s no longer simply ‘Win’, that famous hero of Waterloo, but hailed as his profligate brother’s heir. He’s pensioned off his two mistresses and become oh, so bored with gambling. Yes, too, his mother presses him to marry—but he’d rather remove his spleen with a pickle fork than wed just any young peagoose.

Suddenly, he’s had thrust upon him guardianship of his friend’s eight-year-old daughter. Though she tickles him with her wit…and her exotic pets, the child needs a firm hand. With no idea how to mold her into a socially acceptable creature, he hires a governess.

However, that woman presents his most pressing problem—and his delight. She enchants his ward. But she’s beguiling him as well. And it’s a wonder because she is so very…odd. She knows (yes, indeed) bugs, defeats him every time at chess—and dances. In his upstairs hall. Alone. For the joy of it.
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He cannot ignore her. He cannot control her. Worse, he cannot quell his mad desire to kiss her.

She is a temptation and a mystery. With a problem.

Stubborn, she refuses to allow him to help.

He won at Waterloo. But can we win the woman he loves?

Two days ago I finished this book and I’m still reveling in it. I loved everything about it. I can’t stress enough how entertaining this book was to me. His Tempting Governess is book two in the series but it can easily be read as a standalone.

The hero, Cartwell, was perfect in my eyes. I loved his generous nature. He was well respected and loved by many which made him endearing to me. The way he interacted with his staff, family members and with the heroine, Belle, was genuine and heart touching.

Belle was equally relatable. I admired her authenticity and desire to find justice for herself. What was done to her was horrible and unacceptable. I was relieved to see her find happiness with Cartwell. Together they made the perfect romance.

There were a few supporting characters that added to the enjoyment of the story. Two in particular were completely original and unexpected. I wish I could talk about why they were but it would be a spoiler. The plot was fun, creative and flowed smoothly from beginning to end.

I wish the book was longer just because I didn’t want to reach the end. However, when I did my heart was bursting with joy and merriment. I highly recommend His Tempting Governess.


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