Heroes for Hire: Discount Prices by C.S. Feldman

Heroes for Hire: Discount Prices by C.S. Feldman
Book One in the Heroes for Hire Fantasy Adventure Series
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (166 pgs)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Sure, everybody knows about the great heroes of legend. The ones people write songs about, the ones who lead the charge against the monsters that lay waste to cities or against an army of invaders that outnumber the good guys twenty to one—you know, the best heroes that money can buy. Trouble is, not everyone can afford their services.

Fortunately, the best heroes are not the only ones on the market.

Which is just what harried waitress Peg Brickner accidentally discovers after receiving an unusual—and, as it turns out, otherworldly—tip from a peculiar customer in the middle of one rotten dinner shift. Life on Earth is hard enough, but life in the magical world of Cantrial? Forget about it. Five minutes after being unsuspectingly yanked into it by an unscrupulous B-List talent scout for heroes, all Peg wants to do is get back home again before something in this crazy new world kills her or eats her with ketchup. Or both.

Trouble is, getting home may be a lot harder than leaving it was. Thanks to a bunch of greedy bureaucrats, Peg’s way home is about to be destroyed—unless she reluctantly joins a trio of magical misfits on a high-stakes heroes-for-hire mission in an attempt to recover stolen property before their rivals—or a roguishly charming thief—beat them to it.
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She knew she should have called in sick today…

Could Peg’s day possibly get any worse?

To say that Peg is having a bad day would be a huge understatement. Her personal life is in shambles and her situation at work is getting worse by the minute. When a customer gives her a strange tip in lieu of money, Peg isn’t surprised. The guy looked like he was in worse shape than her, but when the gift pulls her into the magical and dangerous world Cantrial, Peg’s life is changed forever, and maybe not for the better.

Peg is an easy character to like. She’s a hard working woman just trying to make ends meet, but life has dealt her a few heavy blows, and she’s finding it hard to recover. She immediately had my sympathy. When her ex-boyfriend shows up at her work, it was hard to imagine her day getting any worse. Then she is pulled into a magic world and ends up on the wrong side of the law. Clearly luck is not on her side. Fortunately, Peg is a very determined woman. Cantrial throws a multitude of challenges at her, and somehow she keeps moving. Whether she wants to admit it or not, Peg has the potential to be a great heroine. I enjoyed watching her grow and change into a woman with a courageous heart.

I absolutely loved the misfit bunch of heroes Peg joins. I can’t say much about them because I don’t want to ruin the moment when Peg meets them for the first time. Readers are in for a surprise because these certainly aren’t typical heroes. I had so much fun following them on their quest and watching them gel into a solid team. Each hero is a misfit in some way, but when they work together they each bring something unique to the team. I had a lot of fun cheering them on as I read.

The fight scenes with Peg were very well thought out. This woman has no experience fighting, but Ms. Feldman showcases Peg’s resourcefulness very well. Again, I find myself unable to share many details without spoiling the story. However, I will say that the contents of a purse should never be underestimated.

Heroes for Hire is very well paced.  There was a lot of action that kept me turning pages wondering how Peg would get out of her latest scrape. Peg’s exhaustion practically radiated off the pages by the time I reached the end of the tale. Ms. Feldman sprinkled in some slower moments that balanced the frantic nature of the quest well. Heroes for Hire has lots of laugh out loud moments, but those too were balanced with some more serious and touching scenes, which gives the adventure a very balanced feel.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Heroes for Hire. I’m so glad this is the first book in a planned series because I will be keeping my eye open for the next book. I highly recommend Heroes for Hire to anyone looking for a thrilling fantasy.


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