Healing Pride by Sean Michael

Healing Pride by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Scott Andrews is an ER nurse. He works hard and plays hard, looking for what he needs at the underground BDSM club run by Chris and Daniel.

Pride Parker works nights at the diner across the street from the hospital where Scott takes his coffee breaks and often eats breakfast after shifts.

The two men have become friendly over time, chatting and flirting, but not really doing anything about the attraction that lies beneath their interactions. Imagine Pride’s surprise when he walks into the basement at Chris and Daniel’s place on a party night and sees Scott on the dance floor, looking sexy as hell and clearly a bottom.

When the two men leave the party together, they’re not expecting more than a hot one-night stand, but it quickly becomes more and they spend most of their down time together. Then the diner explodes with Pride in it and things might never be the same again.

Can Pride and Scott, and their fledgling Master and boy relationship survive the aftermath of the explosion? Only time will tell.

Scott is an ER nurse that works in the hospital. He loves his job, but is always relieved when after a shift he can go across the street to the diner and order a decent meal, knowing that Parker will serve him and Scott can return home to rest afterwards. It’s a routine they have both enjoyed for ages, and each are equally surprised to find the other one evening in an Underground club event. The attraction that had simmered between them for months explodes and the two men find they are even more compatible inside the bedroom as outside. Can they make it work between them?

I thoroughly enjoyed this smoking hot erotic story. Scott and Parker have known each other superficially for quite some time and while they’d each been attracted neither had made a move until they discover that they’re both sexually into exactly the same thing. I was really pleased the bedroom action happened pretty quickly – I figured there was no reason for them to dance around each other too long once the situation had been set up – and readers looking for a delightfully intense BDSM story with plenty of sizzle and connection between the main characters should not find this lacking in any department.

One thing I really enjoyed with this book was the author managed to switch around a few of the more standard tropes without seeming to make it a big deal. For example it was Parker – the Dom – who was injured and needed to recover, whereas usually I find it’s the submissive partner who needs help recovering in these sorts of situations. I found this slight twist to the plot refreshing and really well handled. It also added a really good element to the still fairly new relationship between Parker and Scott, the fact they needed to be adaptable and strong as their commitment to each other and reliance on each other while they navigated this new turn together. I loved how this showed they each weren’t just after some kinky, sexy fun times, but they genuinely cared deeply for each other and were committed to something longer term.

Readers looking for a kinky, smoking hot story with some good plot and two wonderful, realistic and complicated characters should find this to be as delightful and refreshing as I did. I really enjoyed it and know I’ll be rereading it again in the near future. Recommended.

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