Hami’s Treasure by Elle Jackson

Hami’s Treasure by Elle Jackson
Kilfane Incursion 2
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 5 Stars
Review by Dryas

Kilfanian Captain Hami comes to Earth to find his missing sister. But when his ship inadvertently causes a fire in a science building, he sees the glowing multicolored path that legend says leads Kilfanians to their mates. He follows that path into the blaze and finds a beautiful Human woman dying of smoke inhalation. To save her, he takes her to his ship for treatment.

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Captivated, Hami finds himself questioning everything he believed about humans. Yet he and Amina are literally from different worlds. Can he find a future with a human woman who makes him want to be more than just a warrior of Kilfane? Especially when her people abducted his sister?

What would you do if you were an astrophysicist working for a boss who didn’t think much of you? Amina Washington was that person and one night she noticed an object that she believed could change her career. Unfortunately, when she tried to find the image on any of her electronics, it disappeared.

I really enjoyed the plot and the characters. There is a great deal of hot, steamy sex between Hami and Amina as their connection is so strong that they can’t get enough of each other. I enjoyed the different powers that each Kilfane character possess but we don’t get a lot of examples of what they are. Just at the beginning when Hami called the rain to put out the fire in the building. Also, when they went on the rescue mission for his sister. I really liked the bond Hami and Amina forged. It is so strong that Amina could actually transport herself to where Hami was.

I highly enjoyed this story and would recommend it to my friends as the plot is hot and sweet at the same time with a few other elements thrown in. It was really interesting watching Hami falling in love with Earth and I can only hope that Amina falls in love with his planet as much as he did with Earth. It is so sweet that he is going to try to make his home more earth like for her comfort. There are a few little wrenches thrown into the plot that I won’t spoil for you.

A great book to pick up on a cold night to keep you warm.

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